alleged motive

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The prosecutor's case stemmed from an alleged motive that Mr Greenwood poisoned his wife for her money and the suggestion he had poisoned the bottle of wine Mrs Greenwood had drunk with lunch.
In papers filed with the high court, Frosh added that the Democratic lawmakers' alleged motive for the redrawing retaliation for the district having elected a Republican -- should not be part of the constitutional analysis of gerrymandering, as legislators' motive is difficult to discern.
On appeal, Buckingham argues that trial counsel was ineffective because trial counsel: (1) failed to object to testimony about two handguns that were unrelated to the charges; (2) failed to obtain the testimony of a police officer who would have testified that the victim initially said he did not know who shot him; (3) failed to object to an in-court identification by a witness who failed to identify Buckingham in a photo array; (4) failed to object to a detective's nonresponsive hearsay testimony that a person whose DNA was found on a T-shirt said he knew Buckingham; and (5) failed to alert the jury to the lack of corroborative evidence regarding the alleged motive for the shooting, a feud on Facebook.
Groups raise alarm on Duterte's order to send more troops in parts of country !-- -- Gaea Katreena Cabico ( - November 23, 2018 - 4:07pm MANILA, Philippines The order to send more military and police troops to areas in Southern Luzon and Visayas shows the current administration's alleged motive of installing dictatorship, activist groups claimed.
In his last arguments, defence lawyer Mushtaq Ahmed contended that the offence did not fall in the ambit of the anti-terrorism act (ATA) since the alleged motive for the killing was mentioned as private enmity or revenge.
The disputed contract was signed 11 days after the death of the owner and the trader's alleged motive was to exclude the heirs from their father's rights in the estate located in Jumeirah 3.
It provided no immediate details on his alleged motive or of an affiliation to any militant group.
It provided no immediate details on his alleged motive or his affiliation to any militant group.
However, these claims were later ruled out as greed became the alleged motive. V, who originally claimed that he was in Dortmund on vacation when the bombs exploded April 11, was arrested 10 days later.
That may be the case, but some of these responses to reports of the alleged motive for Henriette Kara's killing also highlight the Arab Christian community's at times uneasy relationship to Christians in the West.
The court said there was a lack of evidence to show that Tupas' issuance of a permit to Requinto was anomalous and dismissed as 'speculation' the alleged motive to benefit the Montesclaros family.