alleged purpose

See: pretext
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30 2008, for the alleged purpose of directly or indirectly acquiring shares in Barclays PLC.
Still, Judge Leng questioned the defendants' description of the substance's alleged purpose, wondering how any gold merchant would be able to afford an acid test that expensive.
have been built in our country since 2009 with an alleged purpose of reducing biological threats," the group said, in a statement posted on its website.
After the 1979 revolution, almost all major economic sectors were nationalized for the alleged purpose of redistributing wealth.
April 5, 1966 - House Committee on Armed Services holds hearing on UFO evidence with an alleged purpose of suppressing the subject in a highly controlled presentation.
The stockholder's alleged purpose was to investigate whether The Hershey Company had purchased cocoa produced by child labor.
The alleged purpose was to cut off heat to government buildings.
On June 2, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy announced unprecedented restrictions on power plants, the alleged purpose of which is to combat global warming by drastically cutting carbon dioxide emissions.
The alleged purpose of the tax-funded government school system is to provide a "free education" to every child based on every child's "right" to an education.
This did not prevent critics to clamour that the two countries were engaged in a proxy campaign, whose alleged purpose was to encourage rising sectarianism that, presumably, was the work of the diabolical Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan.
Opposition AKEL has asked Germany's banking watchdog to look into suspicions that former Marfin Popular Bank may have used a German lender as a go-between in a share buyback scheme whose alleged purpose was to artificially inflate the Cypriot bank's share price.
42 per set, when televisions, suitable for this alleged purpose, can be obtained for less than PS200, particularly when one is in the market for 88 such items?