alleged purpose

See: pretext
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The alleged purpose was to cut off heat to government buildings.
On June 2, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy announced unprecedented restrictions on power plants, the alleged purpose of which is to combat global warming by drastically cutting carbon dioxide emissions.
This did not prevent critics to clamour that the two countries were engaged in a proxy campaign, whose alleged purpose was to encourage rising sectarianism that, presumably, was the work of the diabolical Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan.
Opposition AKEL has asked Germany's banking watchdog to look into suspicions that former Marfin Popular Bank may have used a German lender as a go-between in a share buyback scheme whose alleged purpose was to artificially inflate the Cypriot bank's share price.
42 per set, when televisions, suitable for this alleged purpose, can be obtained for less than PS200, particularly when one is in the market for 88 such items?
The alleged purpose of the show (full tawdry name Gok Live: Stripping For Summer) was to transform sartorially challenged Butlin's fan Julie into an immaculately groomed girl about town.
The alleged purpose of the delayed reporting was to conceal the last-minute efforts to save Chavez's life and the subsequent transfer of his body back to Venezuela, thus providing the government time to carefully manage the announcement of his death.
The council take over 10 percent of my income in rates with the alleged purpose of cleaning the streets.
The alleged purpose of the intelligence briefing was to glean information to help protect school children from a potential terrorist attack.
The author, a Cuban exile himself, argues that the exiles played a significant role in thwarting the designs of Fidel Castro, who had sent his forces into the region for the alleged purpose founding a confederacy with Tanzania and Congo (Brazzaville) in order to gain control of the mineral resources of Central Africa.
The third alleged purpose would indeed seem to have played a role.
A BIOMEDICAL scientist stole potentially lethal germs from a hospital lab for the alleged purpose of self-harming, a health regulator has said.