alleged reason

See: cover, gist, pretext
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The money, it appeared, had not been paid; perhaps the alleged reasons were rather equivocal; but otherwise I cannot sufficiently express our general surprise at the extreme good sense, the reasoning powers, moderation, candour, and prompt resolution, which were displayed on all sides.
With regards to Iranian interference in our internal affairs, if the alleged reason is that Iran cares about the situation of Shiites in Bahrain, this is an unacceptable sectarian excuse," Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, the Minister of Interior, said.
They fabricated the lie and believed it taking it as an alleged reason to incite against Future Movement," said Hariri.
The alleged reason behind his decision to step down was Hezbollah's opposition to the extension of the mandate of then-Internal Security Forces Director General Ashraf Rifi.
This was also the alleged reason for Tooba murdering the cameraman.
The second alleged reason is that, as televisions have got thinner, the sound system housed within the inch and a half of high technology widescreen HD screen, has suffered.
The brunette beauty took to Twitter on Tuesday to tell the world the alleged reason for her split.
London, Oct 24 ( ANI ): England striker Wayne Rooney has said that he is relieved after knowing that former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has clarified in his autobiography that he did not formally hand in a transfer request, the alleged reason for their rift.
The Qatari fiasco was the alleged reason behind the dismissal of Traicho Traikov, Minister of Energy, Economy and Tourism.
The alleged reason for such shifts is the poor weather conditions.
Also referring to the alleged reason for Cheryl being sacked, TV Guide said that, far from being unintelligible, her accent was "perfectly understandable" and "charming too".
ASU's alleged reason for this practice is to assure that students have attended classes and that they do not obtain their student aid and then withdraw," the lawsuit said.