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The story of the storm, the fish and Jonah's re-instatement is the allegoric parallel to what Jeremiah expressed in prose: I said I will not mention Him, No more will I speak in His name.
By allegoric extrapolation, Andrew's awareness of the importance culture has--and hopefully will have--to come to terms with the meaning of life, overcome trauma, and unveil unethical pretense points to Doctorow's last novel as a final invitation to his human readers to decode its complexity and thus ponder over our present condition and our near future.
His transformation from a wolf in the jungle to a member of human society is allegoric in that it symbolizes the children's socialization from a natural being to a social being, that is, a process when children acquire ethical norms and develop ethical awareness so that they can live harmoniously with others in human society.
The face has a high look of intelligence and lofty feeling; the form, nude to the middle, has all the charms of womanhood, and is thus warmed and redeemed out of the cold allegoric sisterhood, who have generally no merit in chastity, being really without sex.
Social Sciences, Historical Thought and Citizenship: Between a Regime of the Allegoric and a Regime of the Virtual (Colombia, 1910-2010)
Moreover, the use of Afro-Nubian locations and magical realist or allegoric narrative forms such as the hadduta (folk tale) are means by which Nubian literature distinguishes itself from mainstream Egyptian literature.
pertinent Benjamin's thought when he approaches the allegoric view
Owing to these journeys, they established contact with Johann Ritter von Lucam (1807-1879), a major figure of Viennese musical life, who in 1841 became an honorary member of the Cecilian Music Society and, in addition to several laudatory letters, sent in 1842 to the association an allegoric picture with a portrait of Haydn and scenes from The Creation (the painting is still maintained in the Society's archives).
Finally, even his juxtaposition of Bishop's six poems--in the way it regains the wholeness of different modes of experience--is not unlike the unity of Dante's four levels of experience (the exemplar of teleologically centered literature): literal, historic, allegoric, and anagogic.
Such is the Mighty difference between Allegoric Fable & Spiritual Mystery.
All this became possible because of the supervision of two strong women with semi-magical qualities--Mumbi and Tesa--an allegoric picture of woman leader (according to the author, magical powers help only those who have their own courage and determination).