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It is imperative to note that unless this battle is taken allegorically, there is simply no parallel for it in Christian theology.
I want to begin my analysis with the third part of my model, how we can examine a postmodern film allegorically to see how it reflects the multinational, globalized corporate apparatus.
The main characters are Sofi and her four allegorically named daughters Fe (Faith), Caridad (Charity), Esperanza (Hope), and La Loca Santa (The Crazy Saint).
In her award-winning book A History of God (1993), Karen Armstrong shows how the earliest religious creation stories were taken allegorically, not literally.
When it comes to potential controversy, academy voters are more comfortable with pictures that manage to capture something of the tenor of their times in the previously mentioned manners of allegorically, microcosmically (usually in the context of a family) and historically.
At this point, I am not asking my reader to accept the Kenilworth allegorical reading of Oberon's speech but simply to contemplate it, hold it in suspension in his or her mind while we allegorically read Titania's, Oberon's, and Bottom's triangular relationship.
The idea of employing a historicist (and historicized) discourse to reflect not ironically but allegorically on the satire/evasion chapters in Huckleberry Finn is a productive one, and Messent's handling of the theoretical dimension is itself a model of how to write scholarly criticism without coming off as too abstruse.
The House of Usher is of course allegorically a head to a degree, Davenport isn't the first to point out.
to read the ancient legends allegorically and to redefine myth as irrational or improbable.
Using his dancers allegorically, Massine reflected on the conflict between life and death (or fate) looming in Europe at that time.
I was familiar with the importance Nhat Hanh places on breathing techniques, having read some of his books, commonly thin paperbacks written allegorically in simple prose to make profound points.
While the revolution was happening in the streets, on college campuses and in town squares, it was being referenced by the new crop of filmmakers either allegorically ("Bonnie and Clyde," "Closely Watched Trains") or in real time ("Easy Rider," "Medium Cool").