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To read allegorically, to find a means of understanding, is to transform into one's own self.
At least that's the conventional view, but this book overturns this view with the argument that Shakespeare, similarly to dissident writers throughout history, coded his plays with language and references that subtly criticized British Monarchy and allegorically argued for political change, while simultaneously walking a fine line risking political persecution.
Strauss couples everyday culture and scenes with the mythological (Queen Argrypnia and the poet Phintys discuss allegorically problems afflicting German society) and the romantic (figures such as a transvestite angel, a book fairy, and even a monster suckling on a breast appear).
However, otherworldly messages and eschatological warnings continue throughout the Mandates and even into the third part, the Similitudes, which is structured around images interpreted allegorically.
Only with the rise of biblical criticism in recent centuries was the Song of Songs wrested from allegorically inclined exegetes--a process, Moore observes, that coincides chronologically with what contemporary theorists refer to as the "invention of heterosexuality.
His somewhat contradictory recommendation that a black writer negotiate the dilemma of a dual audience by "standing on his racial foundation" yet rising "above race, and reach[ing] out to the universal" (481) may shed light on the seeming inconsistencies of The Purple Flower, which draws on black folk types, rendered allegorically as "Average" and "Cornerstone," while attempting to illumine "universal" struggles for power, represented by a purple flower, described (without obvious racial referents) as the Flower-of-Life-at-its-Fullest.
As a biblical animal, the unicorn was interpreted allegorically in the early Christian church.
In the Country of Last Things numbers among its characters a man named, almost allegorically, Sam Farr, who is loved, lost, and found again.
And it was adherence to the Creeds of the fourth and fifth centuries which defined the orthodoxy of Christian groups and which retrospectively defined the limits of the canon, interpreted allegorically.
CENTRO DE ARTE MODERNA DA FUNDACAO CALOUSTE GULBENKIAN * July 21-October 9 * Curated by Isabel Carlos Joao Penalva's most ambitious survey show to date smartly brings together a full complement of his work, from his rarely seen allegorically driven paintings of the 1980s and '90s through his more recent multimedia installations and videos.
The abandonment of Armida on her island, left to die in chains, is interpreted ingeniously as a retelling of the tale of the sea-god Proteus; her capture allegorically represents "la vittoria definitiva della verita sulla menzogna sofistica" (419).
The text is of interest as a sign of revolutionary views expressed allegorically in contrast to those by Schiller, another Carlsschule student.