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When she had gone they were conscious of an alleviation, and of the great beauty of the evening.
Creating--that is the great salvation from suffering, and life's alleviation.
He was in the frame of mind which resents alleviation of its gloom.
Let me suffer, and let me have what alleviation belongs to my condition.
The Miss Guests saw an alleviation to the sorrow of witnessing a folly in their Rector; at least their brother would be safe; and their knowledge of Stephen's tenacity was a constant ground of alarm to them, lest he should come back and marry Maggie.
Description : Formulation and operationalization of a National Action Plan for Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development through Agriculture (NAPA) to implement the National Strategy for Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development (NSPARD) for Myanmar
It's part of the Environment Agency's PS3m flood alleviation scheme designed to lessen the flood risk to around 350 homes and 32 businesses.
MORPETH residents have been invited to a community celebration to officially launch the town's PS27m flood alleviation scheme.
On Dec 2, Wanda signed a contract to help eliminate poverty with the LGOP (Leading Group Office on Poverty Alleviation and Development) China, LGOP Guizhou and Danzhai County.
If it is the latter, what does this mean for Canada's efforts in poverty alleviation, hunger alleviation and our efforts to improve livelihoods and educational opportunities for the most vulnerable in the global south?
New Delhi, June 3 ( ANI ): Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today called on Union Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA) and Parliamentary Affairs M.
He further added that unfortunately, Islamic microfinance is not given the proper place in the poverty alleviation strategies of International development agencies (e.