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However, drought stress alleviative effects of foliar spray application of salicylic were higher than ascorbic acid particularly, when was applied at vegetative stage.
Numerous studies have been conducted on the role of these plant growth regulators in different crops but very little work has been done with respect to drought stress alleviative role of these in sunflower.
Although further studies on the molecular and neuronal mechanisms of the alleviative effects of yokukansan will be needed, the present findings suggest that yokukansan may be effective for the clinical treatment of mental illness that results from maladaptive coping with stressful situations such as adjustment disorder.
The PBaT also exhibited a brittle break, but its break angle was alleviative, and its break tracks were longer than PLA (Figure 7(b)).
In Figures 6 and 7, the vibration becomes alleviative but is still not convergent.
The grant bought the staff at Abram's Hall the equipment necessary to establish a culinary skill development to help wounded warriors learn how to prepare nutritious food as well as work to alleviative the fear that is often associated with eating at a restaurant after suffering a physical injury.
"Unless you can stop the foreign export," he wrote, "you cannot allay the domestic alarm." In this case, in which "periods of internal panic and external demand for bullion commonly occur together," the LLR must "treat two opposite maladies at once--one requiring stringent remedies, and especially a rapid rise in the rate of interest, and the other, an alleviative treatment with large and ready loans." Therefore, "the best remedy ...
Wolf's sense that writing would provide some redemptive or at least alleviative benefit is thus complicated by her own perceived complicity in Nazism.