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This sense of big things leads Caryl to report that his proposal "will be called The New Era Union, and the man who proposes it has such faith in its ultimate success as an alleviator of the burdens of the laboring classes that he is going ahead on his own responsibility to incorporate a company with a capital stock of $10,000,000" (5).
And, harbinger of this, what an alleviator is sleep, which muzzles all these dogs for me every day
The guilt induced by having full stomachs and a decent roof over our heads while a walking-skeleton stares back at us is just a knee-jerk away from the wallet, that great conscience alleviator.
Kuwait is considered one of the major donors to and alleviators of the plight of the Syrian refugees.
We have to investigate the prospects of small, dynamic and flexible nations serving as assistants, specialists, interpreters, mediators, alleviators, enablers .