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The guilt induced by having full stomachs and a decent roof over our heads while a walking-skeleton stares back at us is just a knee-jerk away from the wallet, that great conscience alleviator.
Besides, more than 80 per cent lifts and alleviators have gone out of order on the twin cities route.
Maggio, The role of biostimulants and bioeffectors as alleviators of abiotic stress in crop plants, Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture, 4(1), 5 (2017)
Kuwait is considered one of the major donors to and alleviators of the plight of the Syrian refugees.
We have to investigate the prospects of small, dynamic and flexible nations serving as assistants, specialists, interpreters, mediators, alleviators, enablers ...
McMillin (2006), Noronha and D'Cruz (2009a), Ramesh (2004) and Singh and Pandey (2005) state that agents also consumed a lot of tea and coffee to stay awake and remain alert, especially during night shifts while cigarettes and alcohol served as stress alleviators and to counter insomnia on weekly and public holidays.
Poets as alleviators of life.-- Insofar as they want to alleviate the life of men, poets either turn their eyes away from the toilsome present or they procure for the present new colours through a light which they direct upon it from the past [...].
So it acts like a huge pressure to keep charities from being involved, politically, in Canadian life, except as alleviators of suffering.