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Alley has of-late exchanged messages and photographs with Volynets on Twitter and she even revealed that he would be in a photo shoot with her.
I'm born and bred in the city and it's Caroline Street or Chip Alley, definitely not Chip Lane.
eye a child's dress in a shop on Santee Alley; Pat Tynes of San Diego looks for bargains on sunglasses in a shop near Santee Alley.
Mary Scott Hagle, director of Education and Community Outreach for the Alley Theatre, says the program's name is indicative of its goal.
But Alley Cat Allies, which filed a petition challenging the policy, says the agency does in fact plan to euthanize or even shoot feral cats.
On this basis, the apparently horrifying glass wall that looks out from the clinic waiting room across the alley point-blank at the boarded wall of the pharmacy makes a lot more sense.
Florida is just great I could never say enough good things about that place, but ALLEY OOP number 7 just offered one more.
HANDBALL players on the Aran Islands were disappointed yesterday by the decision to turn down plans to build an alley there.
The alley was a place where adventures could be found.
The theme of heroism and its various guises and disguises, Alley argues, pervasively shaped the messages of Eliot's narratives, influenced her increasingly complex characterization of men and women, and contributed to her frequent use of allusions.
When Stephen and Meredith Acker Recently took ownership of the Alley Cat Cafe, they didn't just pussyfoot around.