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Following this episode came the encounter with the baboons and the strange, white savage who had allied himself with the beasts against the humans.
They are peculiar to this part of the world, though allied to the ordinary gipsies all the world over.
The fauna and the flora are too closely allied in this submarine world.
This, therefore, is nearly allied to the fault above mentioned:--for Orestes might as well have brought tokens with him.
While he was listening to this recital, delivered with the greatest simplicity, the duke looked from time to time at the young man with astonishment, as if he could not comprehend how so much prudence, courage, and devotedness could be allied with a countenance which indicated not more than twenty years.
So then," he exclaimed, turning pale with anger, "seven conjoined and allied armies overthrew that man.
Duke Filippo being dead, the Milanese enlisted Francesco Sforza against the Venetians, and he, having overcome the enemy at Caravaggio,[*] allied himself with them to crush the Milanese, his masters.
Monsieur the Comte de la Fere, whose family is allied to the Montmorency and the Rohan, is easily the equal of Monsieur de Mazarin.
At length, thought he, I have succeeded, and have made an impression on this charming girl that is allied to admiration.
He had suffered severely in his family during the recent war, having had every soul to whom he was allied cut off by an inroad of the enemy; and when the last lingering remnant of his nation extinguished their fires, among the hills of the Delaware, he alone had remained, with a determination of laying his hones in that country where his fathers had so long lived and governed.
My dear sister," said Mary, "if you can persuade him into anything of the sort, it will be a fresh matter of delight to me to find myself allied to anybody so clever, and I shall only regret that you have not half a dozen daughters to dispose of.
You should compel them to return, sire, or at least protest against their presence as enemies in an allied country.