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At Bianca Mosca, only the very best prime and unblemished alligator skins are used.
CITES serves as the principal legal authority regulating international trade in American alligator skins and products.
The agency has registered 75 ranching operations that produce alligator skins and some of them already have started exports of the product.
Teresa Summers of LSU is that, "They need to get the message out that alligator skin is a renewable and sustainable resource.
The lambskin is dyed to resemble a number of colors like ruby red and cobalt blue, and exotic materials like snakeskin and alligator skin.
Each of these unique items offers its own distinct characteristics that add some flair to your style whether it's the bi-fold design of their stingray wallet or the alligator skin flask with an engravable plaque integrated into its design.
Alligator skin and all-yellow interiors - wealthy car fans making outrageous demands in rush for a flashy motor
Formula 1 boss, Bernie's daughter opted for an alligator skin print bikini as she enjoyed the sea.
Users who expect luxurious standard can be pleased to hear that the Swiss watchmakers crafted a high end phone made of 18 carat gold packaged with accented diamonds and wrapped with your choice of calfskin, alligator skin, or carbon leather.
Offering a touch of Mediterranean opulence, the bold and dynamic Diva Collection uses seductive materials such as rich velvets and alligator skin.
The Hermes Birkin is a diamond-encrusted metallic alligator skin clutch favoured by Hollywood A-listers.
People variously compared samples to alligator skin and horse meat, but the horse meat comment was just ignorant.