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In similar vein, the distribution of scarce but allocatable resources will continue to dominate the debate on the state of the federation in the next decade.
The developers recognize that dynamic data structures can be created with allocatable components in many cases.
To derive crop-level optimal water allocation functions for water as a fixed, allocatable input, the following constrained optimization problem is solved:
In Fortran 90 we can declare a variable to be allocatable where the allocate statement in a module subroutine provides physical memory.
By offering a policy endorsement that predetermines the exact percentage of allocatable defense costs, settlements and judgments that will be considered covered in the event of a securities suit, insurers are enabling policyholders to avoid allocation disagreements.
Through variable acuity and gaze control, biological systems treat signal and computational bandwidth as a dynamically allocatable resource.
First, on a conceptual level, clothing purchases are "allocatable." That is, because households generally purchase clothing items with a specific individual beneficiary in mind, household purchases can be seen as the sum of purchases for the individual members.