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06 million manats were allocated for projects in the cotton growing, 2.
As per the details given by a spokesman of Health Department Attock , Rs 30 million were allocated for Asfandyar Hospital Attock as this hospital handles more than one thousand patients daily only in out patient department.
Danescourt, Danescourt Way, CF5 - 60 places, 24 refused The last allocated place was to someone living 1.
Two highly luxurious coaches have been allocated for the Prime Minister while five coaches have been allocated for the Railway Minister, sources in the Ministry of Railways told reporter.
In the 1st round, allocated for Haja'ej Je'dan for three km, "Salam" owned by Salim bin Subaih al-Ghilani came first.
Wenche Agerup, member of the board of directors, has been allocated 35 Dividend Shares in the Dividend Issue.
Aqil further said Rs395 million has been allocated for new projects and Rs274.
750 billion is going to be allocated for Kachi Canal (Phase-1) in PSDP 2010-11 against the demand of Rs 17 billion, while in FY-2009-10, Rs 4 billion was allocated for the said project, reflecting 31.
Generally, the loss would be allocated to all the partners based on the manner in which the partners agreed to share losses under the partnership agreement.
Under the tax-benefit exception, she would have been allocated only $14,204 of the erroneous items (an amount equal to her separate taxable income).
capital gains are taxable income generally allocated to trust accounting principal rather than income).