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A total of Rs5 million have been allocated for this project.
For industry Rs 19.7 billion and Rs 1.60 billion for sports and tourism have been allocated in the budget.
The government allocated Rs480 million for the development of Integrated Transit Trade Management System (ITTMS) under Asian Development Bank's regional improving border services Project Islamabad, where as Rs331.770 million has been earmarked for establishment of Inland Revenue offices in Pakistan.
These ongoing projects include the construction of police barracks, four police stations, houses for police officers, accommodation, training and administrative blocks for the establishment of a Rapid Response Force in the Islamabad police, the establishment of a model police station and the construction of administrative blocks, magazine, quarter guard, barracks, MT shed, stable and parade ground in the Diplomatic Enclave, all of which have been allocated Rs801.01m.
According to the budgetary document on Tuesday, out of total amount, around Rs24887 million has been allocated for ongoing schemes, while, Rs4160 million has been allocated for new schemes.
|Pencaerau Primary School Applications: 47 Refused: 17 Last allocated place was to someone living 0.389 miles from the school.
31milion had been allocated in budget for Tank IDPs as amount of Rs 520.
In the first round, allocated for Hajaej Abkar, "Mu'ebah" owned by Hamdan bin Said al-Maskari came first.
The following overview sets out the number of Dividend Shares allocated to the primary insiders in the Dividend Issue for the first quarter 2016:
The races included 10 rounds as 5 rounds were allocated for Al Haja'ej, 4 rounds for Al Laqaya and 1 round for long Al Ardhah.
Around 9.792 billion som were allocated from the national budget of Kyrgyzstan to resolve economic issues in 2013, according to the Open Budget portal of the Ministry of Finance.
He said the government has allocated Rs670 million for 38 projects, 21 ongoing and 17 new projects.