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Looking at the taxpayer's cost accounting systems and its method of allocating costs to codes within specific projects based on allocation percentages established by the planning engineer who initiates the project and based on the total projected costs of the project for each code, as well as using cost pools for labor costs of supervisors and support employees that are subsequently allocated to various projects and/or codes, the Service ruled that if the agent determines that time-reporting engineers specifically track time to project codes, such labor costs are direct labor costs.
The proposed regulations do not address whether a taxpayer's method of allocating costs constitutes a method of accounting.
Otherwise, a taxpayer may use "any reasonable method" of computing and allocating the credit for tax years ending before May 24, 2005, although language contained in the preamble suggests that the gross QRE method might not be reasonable under some circumstances.
The new rules do not resolve all the issues that can arise in allocating capital gain.
It requires that a company allocating shares acquired after 1992 to participants' ESOP accounts record a compensation expense that is measured by the stock's fair market value on the allocation date.
R&D expenses also qualify for the "sub-grouping" allocating rules described above.
In its defense, the taxpayer argued that because it had not yet incurred storage and handling costs for this merchandise (the taxpayer properly allocated freight costs), allocating such costs would have been a distortion, violating the clear-reflection-of-income doctrine.
These factors are multiplied by compensation, and the weighted compensation amounts are used in allocating contributions.
rules when allocating income, gain, losses and taxes.

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