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In accordance with Federal regulatory accounting rules, it uses a uniform system of accounts that requires assigning and allocating costs based on types or cost pools.
If the trust were a unitrust with a $1 million value and a 5 percent payout rate, the trustee would distribute $50,000 to the beneficiary as trust income, even if it required asset sales, thus allocating some of the capital gain as income.
51/eProvisioning solution to address the problem of allocating resources and supporting security protocols across an entire enterprise.
The new regulations seek to disqualify taxpayers' inappropriate foreign tax credit applications and the IRS wants to ease its concerns about partnerships allocating foreign tax credits without allocating the corresponding income.
The Treasury regulations generally provide three methods for allocating and apportioning section 863(b) income: the 50/50 method, the independent factory price (IFP) method, and the books-and-records method.
Item 7: As a result of the 2006 Annual General Meeting's resolution concerning value transfers in the form of dividend payments, the repurchase of the Company's own shares and a reduction in the Company's statutory reserve by allocating the reduced amount to the fund used for the repurchase of the Company's own shares, a total of SEK 1,275 million in unappropriated funds remains available to the Company.
Any method not allocating to specific inventory items will be compared to the SPM or SRM, to determine whether it is reasonable and permissible.
In 1992 Langdon sold BDC to Bravo Beverage for $2,017,461, allocating $200,000 to a two-year consulting contract, $1,000,000 to a five-year noncompete agreement and $817,461 for the tangible assets.
Moreover, the IRS itself has recognized the appropriateness of allocating and apportioning stock losses to the same class of income that a stock gain would have produced, at least in respect of the oil and gas industry.
Almost half of physicians (39%) believe that President Bush is allocating the proper amount of funds to fend off an Avian Bird Flu pandemic, while 29% believe more funds should be allocated to this medical issue.
Important guidance on computing the credit and allocating it among control group members appeared in temporary regulations (TD 9205).

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