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The apportionment or designation of an item for a specific purpose or to a particular place.In the law of trusts, the allocation of cash dividends earned by a stock that makes up the principal of a trust for a beneficiary usually means that the dividends will be treated as income to be paid to the beneficiary. The allocation of stock dividends generally means that such dividends will be added to the shares of stock held as principal, thereby increasing its size.

See: allotment, appointment, apportionment, appropriation, arrangement, assignment, budget, circulation, classification, consignment, coupon, dispensation, distribution, division, interest, order, part, portion, quota, share

ALLOCATION, Eng. law. An allowance upon account in the Exchequer; or rather, placing or adding to a thing. Ency. Lond.

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Law and Justice division against the allocation of Rs 1200.
564 billion for AJK (block and other projects) out of its allocations of Rs 25.
Part 8 M1 and M15, M19, M85 motorways, allocation 20,295,000 USD
To calculate the accuracy-related penalty for each party, multiply the tax due after final allocation of the erroneous items by the 20% penalty rate.
If the taxpayer does not meet the safe harbor rule, then the allocations will be tested under the standard set forth in Sec.
For instance, to encourage reducing claims frequency, a corporation using this approach could base the premium allocation on a blending of an operating unit's share of total new claims valuation and share of new claim volume.
Understanding the social conditions that affect resource allocation is at the heart of economic thinking.
John Kolars refutes the nationally based account of Tomanbey, and by implication similar nationalist interpretations by Syria or Iraq, by proposing that allocations be based, not on national considerations, but on ecological/holistic concerns of what is good for the river and humanity.
The desire for clarity, however, should not preclude the exclusive allocation of other U.
Regardless of which protocol for resource allocation is followed, it is clear that some groups and individuals in our society will benefit and others will be deprived.

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