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The project evaluated some 300 asset allocators, and performed a detailed analysis on 121 funds that met a series of high-level selection criteria.
GEM has shown the greatest momentum, with the proportion of asset allocators overweight the region rising to a net 17 per cent from a net five per cent in July.
It[R]e-es the most positive stance on the region since February 2008 when asset allocators held a slightly bullish position.
Asset owners, institutional clients, Fund of Hedge Funds and other hedge fund allocators are now seeing SMAPs as the only way to ensure continuing business credibility.
As a result, some allocators have taken liberties--everything from quoting CNN on drug regimens to making liberal use of herbal and other nontraditional medicine to reduce the size of allocations.
To choose between different register allocation decisions, the register allocator needs a cost model.
Thaler (1988) suggests that the allocators "could either have a taste for fairness and/or could be worded that unfair offers will be (rationally or mistakenly) rejected" (p.
If discipline from incurring losses from mistakes were mitigated, vigilance would be relaxed, the market's natural adaptive response would be blunted, and the value of decentralized market decisions as allocators of scarce capital resources would be reduced.
A distributive-justice researcher seeks to understand the responses of allocators in terms of their approximation to various normative standards, which thereby serve as analytic benchmarks for the essential features of a given solution.
By contrast, almost all tactical asset allocators were largely out of the stock market on Black Monday.