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They must either allocute to and concede these enhancement issues to gain guilty-plea benefits or go to trial on enhancement issues and forfeit these plea benefits.
137) Despite the fact that, as a result of the previous decision, (138) trial courts were required to specifically ask defendants if they had anything to add before sentencing, and that the majority agreed that this constituted the best practice to ensure a defendant's right to allocute, Justice Markman concluded that the prior decision "cannot be said to have caused defendants to alter their conduct in any way" and therefore overruling it would not cause any "practical real-world dislocations.
procede dramatique, discours secret (monologue ou dialogue), derobe par convention aux autres personnages en scene et a ses consequences, liees a un trait essentiel, la convention du secret, qui implique la presence sur scene des allocutes exclus de l' aparte et oblige a envisager les incidences sur l'aparte du decoupage scenique et du lieu scenique.