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This tolerance assessment is a sensitive assay for evaluating allogeneic tolerance in vivo by looking at CFSE-labeled cells in the peripheral blood and could be a feasible method for future clinical evaluation of immune tolerance in allogeneic transplantation patients.
The role of allogeneic transplantation is not clear yet.
host disease (GVHD) when it is used as a source of stem cells for allogeneic transplantation.
The Food and Drug Administration has proposed regulatory strategies for processing hematopoietic progenitor cells derived from placental/umbilical cord blood, and the agency requires an Investigational New Drug application from those collecting and storing placental blood for human allogeneic transplantation.
The recent recognition that nonablative allogeneic transplantation, or the so-called "minitransplant", is feasible and seemingly efficacious may extend allografting to a broader array of patients (4,5).
A second transplantation from an alternative donor was scheduled and the patient subsequently underwent the 2nd allogeneic transplantation from another HLA fully matched cousin following the FLAMSA regimen in December 2009.
These results justify the systematic collection of cord blood in families with a child affected by a disease that can be treated successfully by allogeneic transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells," wrote Vanderson Rocha, MD and colleagues from the Eurocord-Cord Blood Transplant Group.
The research team acknowledged that their analysis might be considered flawed, since only 54% of the patients assigned to autologous transplantation actually received the therapy compared with 81% of those assigned to allogeneic transplantation and 91% of those assigned to chemotherapy.