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A writing or signature made by one person for another.

When a principal gives his or her agent the power to pay creditors, the checks written by the agent are allographs for the principal.

An autograph is the opposite of an allo-graph.


a document written by a person who is not a party to it.
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640), demonstrating that he accepted Sheu Shenn's belief that they were not simply interchangeable allographs.
Many of the signs are clearly allographs - scribal variations of a single sign - and these can often be identified by observing how they behave in the context of common strings or sequences of signs.
A sampling of topics turns up birth and death statements, colophon, letterforms or allographs, primitive codicology and palaeography, quire, scribal etiquette, and vignette.
They might have become allographs due to a phonological feature such as what Izre'el postulates, but even so, the spellings at issue would be the outcome of orthographic practices influenced by the substrate language's phonology, rather than evidence for the pronunciation of Canaano-Akkadian.
The other two sets of allographs that will be discussed below are a) i, j (22) and y, and b) u, v and w.
Authors writing on Middle English and Early Modem English agree that v and u were allographs in complementary distribution (see e.
In the manuscripts, i and j are apparently considered to be allographs of the same grapheme (no matter whether they correspond to (i), (j) or a numeral), i.
These concern the usage of the initial allographs of the graphemes taw (T) and lamedh (D) in suffix-initial or in word-division.