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A writing or signature made by one person for another.

When a principal gives his or her agent the power to pay creditors, the checks written by the agent are allographs for the principal.

An autograph is the opposite of an allo-graph.


a document written by a person who is not a party to it.
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In consequence, Perez's allographic sequel will be the closest thing to an autographic sequel that readers can find.
In addition to the allographic nature of digital resources, which involves multiple and simultaneous intentionalities, also brought to the fore is their polysemic (21) character.
Now, Goodman's ontology of art long has been criticized by contextualists, who have challenged his distinction between autographic and allographic art.
Genette's distinction between autographic and allographic manifestations raises questions.
It is an interesting fact that Danto does not address Goodman's distinction between autographic and allographic art here.
The allographic art of the theater text becomes autographic; together with the "troupe," the prompter, and the set designer, Pollesch produces a text that consists, for the most part, of pointed paraphrases of other texts.
Goodman's confusions obscure his otherwise very illuminating distinction between allographic and autographic arts, i.
It includes titles, subtitles, prefaces, forewords, notes, epigraphs and illustrations as well as "bien d'autres types de signaux accessoires, autographes ou allographes, qui procurent au texte un entourage (variable) et parfois un commentaire, officiel ou officieux" "many other types of accessory signals, autographic or allographic, which provide the text with a (variable) frame and sometimes an official or unofficial commentary" (9).
In his Languages of Art(6) Nelson Goodman made a useful distinction between autographic and allographic art forms, and between those which are one-stage and those which are two-stage.
Of course the points made in the foregoing sections apply to all the arts, autographic and allographic, for all works of art may be said to be `parts' of their creators' lives.
is autographic, music nonautographic, or allographic.
Even in the allographic arts an artwork's production and the mental states causally contributory thereto, however intricate and protracted the causal pathway may be, are both objectified in the work.