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A writing or signature made by one person for another.

When a principal gives his or her agent the power to pay creditors, the checks written by the agent are allographs for the principal.

An autograph is the opposite of an allo-graph.


a document written by a person who is not a party to it.
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In addition to the allographic nature of digital resources, which involves multiple and simultaneous intentionalities, also brought to the fore is their polysemic (21) character.
For a digital work of art, its capacity to generate consequences may lie in it remaining allographic and polysemic; one of its most important intentions may be to provoke action, reaction, adoption, manipulation, and absorption.
Genette's distinction between autographic and allographic manifestations raises questions.
The allographic art of the theater text becomes autographic; together with the "troupe," the prompter, and the set designer, Pollesch produces a text that consists, for the most part, of pointed paraphrases of other texts.
An assertion that does not represent the communis opinio and therefore is out of place in a general treatment without at least a reference to the usual view is that the acute and grave accents of Greek are allographic variants, both of which mark high pitch (p.