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A writing or signature made by one person for another.

When a principal gives his or her agent the power to pay creditors, the checks written by the agent are allographs for the principal.

An autograph is the opposite of an allo-graph.

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a document written by a person who is not a party to it.
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However, for unknown reasons, axons do not tend to regenerate through old denervated allographs (142) and as stated above, no neurological recovery take place if the distal nerve is 10 or more months denervated (122).
types connect with art, creation, achievements, allographs, the
Authors writing on Middle English and Early Modem English agree that v and u were allographs in complementary distribution (see e.g., Gorlach 1978: 50), i.e., v occurred word-initially and u word-medially, regardless of their phonetic realisation as either [v] or [u].
Shaughnessy does not comment on the discrepancy between jih in the MS and jii in the received version, and we cannot make a judgment as to which is "correct" based on other occurrences in the text, as there is one case each of [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] it is not impossible that [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]jii < kjij < *kjij was an allograph for [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]jih < kjijH < < *kjits
These concern the usage of the initial allographs of the graphemes taw (T) and lamedh (D) in suffix-initial or in word-division.