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Additional paper firmly attached to Commercial Paper, such as a promissory note, to provide room to write endorsements.

An allonge is necessary when there is insufficient space on the document itself for the endorsements. It is considered part of the commercial paper as long as the allonge remains affixed thereto.

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an extra piece of paper added to a bill of exchange to allow indorsements to be made.
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ALLONGE, French law. When a bill of exchange, or other paper, is too small to receive the endorsements which are to be made on it, another piece of paper is added to it, and bears the name of allonge. Pard. n. 343; Story on P. N. Sec. 121, 151; Story on Bills, 204. See Rider.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(96) Allonge is defined as "[a] slip of paper sometimes attached to a negotiable instrument for the purpose of receiving further indorsements when the original paper is filled with indorsements." Allonge, BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY (10th ed.
If the note or allonge reflects on its face that the endorsement occurred before the filing of the complaint, this is sufficient to establish standing.
(a) Each loan registered with the Registry shall be accompanied by copies of the note and the mortgage, together with copies of any mortgage assignments, note endorsements or allonges, and modification, substitution, or assumption agreements executed prior to registration of the loan with the Registry, if the registrant is a party to or possesses a copy of such documents.
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