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Also, Allot SECaaS solutions are network-based, so they can be used with any device without impacting performance.
Deployed in conjunction with other Allot solutions, including Allot SmartEngage Onboarding, a customer engagement solution, and WebSafe Personal, a Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) offering, the Allot Smart Data Source provides the analytics to better identify and engage consumers most likely to benefit from value-added services such as security service.
Country: USASector: Computer Software, IT/Online Services, TelecommunicationsTarget: Ortiva Wireless IncBuyer: Allot Communications LtdType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
Situated on the 5 continents, Allot FrE res bring new life to models destined to become unique and rare pieces, particularly sought after by lovers of furniture made of precious materials.
Also, this Tier-1 operator is also benefiting from Allot WebSafe, a carrier-class security solution enabling regulatory compliance, which is integrated with the platform so that no additional hardware or configuration changes are required.
A multi-million dollar order from a new Tier-1 Mobile operator in EMEA for Allot Service Gateway Tera and Allot ClearSee Network Analytics for reporting and network visualization, as well as Allot Service Protector for DDoS protection.
Allot said the move will significantly expands its addressable security market potential allowing the company to become a leading player in the SECaaS consumer market, working with wireless carriers.
The Allot solution monitors and filters network traffic, allowing for greater application visibility, as well as quicker and more effective security threat mitigation.
The awards include a multi-million dollar order from a new Tier-1 mobile operator in Asia Pacific (APAC) for the Allot Service Gateway Tera and Allot ClearSee Network Analytics, to be integrated with its policy and charging systems for enabling data monetisation.
Allot SmartEngage has been introduced by Allot Communications, Global intelligent broadband services provider.