allow credit

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It was not true business principle to allow credit to a strong- bodied young fellow of the working-class who was too lazy to work.
The central bank's Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has published proposals to reform regulation of credit unions and proposed the removal of existing restrictions to allow credit unions to decide their strategy to run competitively.
Since 2009, lawmakers in six states Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, Rhode Island and Washington have passed laws to allow credit unions and other financial institutions to hold promotional savings raffles.
A Pay Point card, which will allow Credit Union members to invest and make payments through hundreds of Pay Point machines across the country, and at post offices, was unveiled by North Yorkshire County Council.
and widely used global solution to allow credit card users to simplify
I hope ministers will come up with a new legal framework which will allow credit unions and co-operatives to compete and expand.
The technology being used in the pilot will allow credit unions to eventually offer cheques, ATM cards, debit cards and electronic payments.
has introduced Member Relationship Plus, a Web-based call center system for credit unions that tracks issues of members and non-members, designed to allow credit unions to respond quickly, accurately and consistently.
The second proposal would allow credit unions to enter into suretyship and guaranty agreements.
With the inauguration of the computer-based examination, it is likely all states will permit candidates to take one part of the four-section test at a time and will allow credit for each passed section to remain valid for 18 months.
Establish a merchant services' account to allow credit card transactions along with procedures for collecting sales tax.