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The fans are situated in an over and under arrangement to allow for full cooling of all length festoon loops.
Private agencies, because their administrative structures allow for greater coordination of personnel, are often used to provide a low number of hours to large numbers of people.
iSCSI initiators and targets, as a combination, allow for optimization of performance while enhancing flexibility.
The frame on the 1-S has been raised to allow for easier access under the tank for material discharge.
Designed to run with the company's line of controlled-stress rheometers, the new program enables the user to measure viscosity at predetermined shear rates that allow for easy comparison of data from conventional viscometers and historical data.
However, the FTB is encouraging tax practitioners to lobby tax preparation software providers to change their programs to allow for e-filing of all documents or to change software vendors.
When designing narrow holes in a casting, designers must allow for the possibility that the particular feature should be machined instead of cast to allow for additional elements to strengthen the core.
Within the insurance operation, having the rating process automated can eliminate the need for other systems and can allow for efficient interface of policy information with claim information, especially if a third-party administrator handles claims.
529 plans and implementing a few other educational benefits; it introduced a bill that would allow for a Federal tax exemption (rather than a tax deferral) for earnings in a qualified Sec.
The successful development of MBGP will allow for the deployment of multicast applications across multiple network domains.
These functions, along with the ability to track container locations, allow for more accurate emergency and fire response data.
Early concept sketches allow for much more flexibility and innovative thinking.