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Gatchalian's bill would also require the ERC to conduct an annual review of system-loss charges to ensure that only allowable costs within the caps stipulated are being recovered.
For each calendar year, we calculated the sums of standardized costs, allowable charges, and billed charges (for items of utilization for which payment was not denied and a standardized cost could be established) in the Carrier file and OP-SAF separately, and for both added together (representing total outpatient utilization).
If, in the example, the taxpayer's tentative minimum tax were $95,000, the allowable credits would be $5,000 ($100,000-$95,000).
Under the safe harbor method, the allowable deduction is calculated by multiplying the square footage of the portion of the taxpayer's residence that is used in a qualified business, not to exceed 300 square feet, by a prescribed rate of $5.
A few new allowable revisions announced in the July 2012 update surprised many of us who have dealt directly with TTB compliance over the years.
Otherwise, the agent's letting costs will be allowable.
The allowable imprecision has been derived with different methods (1).
After screening the results of the checks that will become available within May, the ministry will ban the use of grass found contaminated beyond the allowable levels, they said.
DCAA auditors conducting compensation audits must first verify that the executive pay at issue includes only allowable elements, compensates only allowable activities and is reasonable.
Confirm that an MP's home is the property based in the constituency, while any reasonable accommodation costs associated with attending Westminster are again an allowable expense.
The maximum allowable reimbursement for dental codes has been raised to 52% of commercial rates (American Dental Association median).
The new proposal would reduce allowable airborne lead by up to 93% from current standards.