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We tested the hypothesis that the parameter estimates of association between predictors and standardized costs were the same as with allowable or with billed charges for total outpatient utilization (Carrier file plus OP-SAF utilization) and separately for Carrier costs and OP-SAF costs alone for 2005 with the suest command of Stata (a modified Hausman test).
They can, however, claim allowable itemized deductions on Schedule A for mortgage interest, property taxes, and casualty losses related to the home.
Three examples of new allowable changes to label approvals
The costs of renewing a letting will always be allowable.
For different purposes, the maximum allowable imprecision and bias have been derived separately from data on biological variation.
The allowable levels are based on data published by the International Atomic Energy Agency on the transfer of radioactive substances in livestock feed to milk and beef.
Nor are profit distributions allowable costs if made to an executive who is contractually obligated to buy a substantial interest in the company.
The maximum allowable reimbursement for dental codes has been raised to 52% of commercial rates (American Dental Association median).
The new proposal would reduce allowable airborne lead by up to 93% from current standards.
Conversely, the practice's fee exceeds the Medicare allowable for vials 95165(C) and 95165(D).
summarizes the theoretical and experimental works directed toward the development of proper relationships for ultimate and allowable holding capacity of earth anchors.
Court of Federal Claims that had ruled disbursements to the shareholders of a Subchapter S Corporation for the payment of state income taxes to be allowable costs.