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TO ALLOW, practice. To approve; to grant; as to allow a writ of error, is to approve of it, to grant it. Vide Allocatur. To allow an amount is to admit or approve of it.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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You are allowed to cut front frame rails at radiator support to mount bumper.
The debut children's book of author Jenny Offill, illustrated by award-winning artist Nancy Carpenter, 17 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do Anymore is a humorous picturebook about a mischievous young girl whose bright ideas cause one heap of trouble after another.
In Galloway, DC PA, 5/9/06, a district court ruled that no charitable deduction was allowed on an estate tax return for a mast specifying distributions to charitable and noncharitable beneficiaries, because the mast did not meet the requirements of Sec.
This has allowed parks & recreation administrators, and high school and college officials, the option to schedule games and events at night time.
As proposed, AB 1868 would have allowed out-of-state CPAs to perform tax services for California taxpayer clients without obtaining a practice privilege or license from the California Board of Accountancy--as long as the CPA did not physically enter California or solicit California clients.
After entering the basic information, the database allowed us to generate a sample text file consisting of the information entered in the database along with a unique ID and the time and date the map was scanned.
Coconut milk, bay leaves, and tamarind are added and allowed to simmer to combine flavors.
Some deductions allowed for regular tax purposes are disallowed in the computation of AMT; one such item is taxes.
This feat has allowed Brazil to gradually reduce its public debt-to-GDP ratio as well as to improve the structure of that debt.
The home page allowed everyone to "check in," while also providing links for students who wanted to register for the fall semester.
In the 2004 elections, FEC negligence allowed these "527" organizations to raise millions of dollars of unlimited soft money.