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TO ALLOW, practice. To approve; to grant; as to allow a writ of error, is to approve of it, to grant it. Vide Allocatur. To allow an amount is to admit or approve of it.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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1396(a) empowerment zone credit is allowed for portions of the wages of qualified employees.
If (1) the taxpayer contests an asserted liability, 2) the taxpayer transfers money or other property to provide for the satisfaction of the asserted liability, (3) the contest with respect to the asserted liability exists after the time of the transfer, and 4) but for the fact the asserted liability is contested, a deduction would be allowed for the tax year of the transfer (or an earlier tax year) subject to certain exceptions, the deduction will be allowed for the tax year of the transfer.
A corporation that owns less than 20% of either the voting power or the value of a dividend-paying corporation receives a 70% DRD for regular tax purposes.(7) Seventy percent DRDs always follow the general rule and are never allowed for ACE purposes.(8) Example 1 considers the cost of the disallowed DRD if the investor firm is subject to the AMT and receives a dividend from a less-than-20%-owned-corporation.
58(b)(2), T has an AMT adjustment of $60,000 for the phase-in allowed for regular tax purposes under Sec.