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TO ALLOW, practice. To approve; to grant; as to allow a writ of error, is to approve of it, to grant it. Vide Allocatur. To allow an amount is to admit or approve of it.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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* Allowing taxpayers that realize gain from a qualifying electric transmission transaction to recognize all or part of it over eight years.
Virtual participants are shown on a large screen monitor, allowing those off-site to appear at "full size," far larger than the postcard-sized video image that is typical of many systems.
"Rather than wasting time looking for street addresses, information can be inputted ahead of time, and there's a safety factor in that adjusters don't have to strain to look at signs and address numbers, allowing them to focus more on the road," said Jim Daues, vice president of property claims for Farmers.
armed forces a thermal imaging system for use on combat vehicles and tactical wheeled vehicles, allowing for safer movement in support of fast-paced combat operations.
This feature eliminates the "handshake" traditionally required with the host to enable the status return, allowing the status of any command to be communicated at any time and the drive to complete multiple commands sequentially or at the same time
The binder is made from renewable natural materials, allowing metalcasting facilities to waste significantly less sand and minimize pollution.
Users may be granted any of these flags independent of the others, allowing, for example, the portal administrator to designate certain individuals as responsible for maintaining the controlled name lists or classification hierarchies, while other individuals handle more administrative matters like monitoring activity in the portal discussion forums or posting news to the front page of the portal.
California takes this a step further by allowing a mixture of any percentage of recycled concrete aggregate and recycled asphalt pavement.
FastBit II searches each file and transfers only the individual bytes that have changed since the previous backup, often reducing the data transferred to under 10% of the total file size and allowing service providers to achieve unprecedented return on investments in broadband bandwidth.
* Digital Asset Management--Digital asset management systems create a central repository for graphics, allowing them to be archived, searched, and retrieved.
asked several experts in tissue technology to identify the most promising technologies allowing tissue makers to better segment their markets, and to discuss how that technology can be applied today.
Paige is also allowing districts to seek waivers to allow more than 1 percent of the population to take an alternative test.