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TO ALLOW, practice. To approve; to grant; as to allow a writ of error, is to approve of it, to grant it. Vide Allocatur. To allow an amount is to admit or approve of it.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Retrofit improvements to cooling, coating and stacking are available, and machine automation allows for lower labor costs.
This allows for common applications that only run on Windows to transparently access storage hosted on Linux machines.
121(b)(3)(A) allows for only one sale during a two-year period of a principal residence, it might not preclude the continued sale, through the use of multiple transactions, of the same qualifying residential property.
Vertical placement of the core within the cavity allows for longer cores than horizontal orientation (due to the elimination of a buoyancy force acting on the core).
Online underwriting allows for greater control and more careful management of price levels.
The company's software allows for outcome measurement, quality assurance, and interdisciplinary progress summaries that can be printed out daily, if need be, and generally tries to go beyond OBRA's minimum requirements to allow nursing homes to do in-depth care planning.
Its round back and tapered front allows for non-turbulent fill and pour.
A SAN is a storage networking architecture that allows for more efficient use of storage capacity by offloading storage from the LAN to a dedicated storage network.
Last summer, Hartford was one of four companies that began implementing Applied Systems' Warp Central, a translation engine that allows for real-time processing of insurance transactions.
The high diene content of K-1446A further allows for greater crosslink density and higher states of cure.