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Thompson tentatively suggests that Erasmus may have wished to allude to the Italian poet Cirolamo Balbi, who lived in Paris before Erasmus' residence there (CWE, 39: 30, n.
The obscurity of burlesque poetry results largely from two factors: the use of a highly coded lexicon, and the tendency of burlesque poets to allude to cultural ideas, social practices, and opinions whose significance eludes most readers today.
The images allude to spaces related to his childhood: the natural landscapes where he grew up, his high school, and so on; always there is an autobiographical element.
To give only one example, Sams relies extensively at various points on satirical writings by Thomas Nashe and Robert Greene, which allude to - or seem to allude to - William Shakespeare.
This causeway enters the building and the metaphor of island and lagoon is replicated with the archive itself emerging through an underlit transparent glass and slate floor to convey the perilous maritime condition of the city and to allude to Ruskin's dream of looking into its waters, and seeing the horses of St Mark's being harnessed.
The words DANCING ON THE VERGE, reflected in the video projection of Ray's biography, allude to his individual experience but remind us of the risks that all people take, every day.
The ball seemed to allude to the terrestrial sphere, combining the idea of the cosmos with a human gesture that sometimes succeeds, sometimes doesn't.
Works like the oval floral fete gallante, nymphea, 2002, or feverish embarkation, 2001, allude to the fluttery brushwork of a Fragonard or Watteau while working it up into something far more frantic and febrile.
The gray stone walls allude to the sacrificial pre-Hispanic god Chavin de Huantar, known for his cruelty.