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Last Tuesday, presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said Duterte did not feel alluded to by Tagle's comments because the president "does not bully people." Duterte, however, appeared to have contradicted his spokesman as he reacted to Tagle's homily even if he was not mentioned in it.
Panelo said Duterte administration officials did not feel alluded to by Tagle's words as well.
The panel found "that while the company may not have deliberately set out to link the product with sexuality, the brand name alluded to sexual success and accordingly found the product in breach of the responsibility code".
* The Toronto Sun characterized $39 billion in tax cuts and new spending as "yet another attempt to bribe us with our own money," while the Globe and Mail's John Ibbitson alluded to the Liberals' "fiscal flummery" (November 15, 2005).
How the changing workplace might affect urban form and lifestyles, what their overall effect on social and cultural life might be are rarely even alluded to.
Using a near perfect imitation of Arthur Conan Doyle, Lauren Steinhauer resurrects Sherlock Holmes for an adventure that expands on hints of an adventure alluded to by Doyle in THE SUSSEX VAMPIRE.
In giving this show the convoluted title "Seems to B: Soddisfaction, Incomplection, Putrefaction," Vormstein alluded to a kind of creative posthistory in which the work of art marks not the conclusion but only the beginning.
The late Edward Said often alluded to these weaknesses when critiquing Lewis's work.
Culminating an expected second stage of his investigation--focused on compensation and distribution in the life, accident and disability insurance markets--Spitzer alluded to his earlier suit accusing top commercial broker Marsh & McLennan Cos.
However, as alluded to by several authors in your health care technology issue, it was not until the physicians saw past the initial learning curve did the realization of the electronic medical record goal become achievable.
Peter Gilmour's column on The Da Vinci Code ("The ninth sacrament?" April) was interesting, but I was disappointed that he only alluded to Opus Dei's role in the book (i.e., the book's "secret motif") without coming out and mentioning Opus Dei specifically.
Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold of ECUSA, who gave the homily, alluded to the conflict in his church over the ordination of a gay bishop and