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The panel found "that while the company may not have deliberately set out to link the product with sexuality, the brand name alluded to sexual success and accordingly found the product in breach of the responsibility code".
The Toronto Sun characterized $39 billion in tax cuts and new spending as "yet another attempt to bribe us with our own money," while the Globe and Mail's John Ibbitson alluded to the Liberals' "fiscal flummery" (November 15, 2005).
Building contractors have known about the importance of having a solid foundation at least since Biblical times, as alluded to in a parable told by Jesus in the Book of Matthew.
During the homily, Gregory alluded to the sex scandal, telling attendees that he recognized the necessity of a "cleansing needed within our own house.
He has already alluded to it in "The Best Speech I Never Gave" (see Editorial in July Buyers Guide, p.
Unfortunately, the love alluded to in Alexander's title seems oftentimes to be overshadowed by the latter Swahili translation of "to want" and the imagery by which he proposes to get it, at any cost.
Altman's Fifth Avenue building alluded to palazzo-like mansions in the grandeur of its monumental scale.
A subplot involving a group of Arabic-speaking kids who try to get into a friend's locked apartment to reclaim their musical instruments (and the building manager's refusal to grant them entry) alluded, faintly and comically, to the racism that stains the multicultural mosaic.
Like the blues people alluded to in Walker's dedication, they insist "on the value and beauty of the authentic"; they insist on the value and beauty of themselves; they insist on being themselves, and they demand that their needs be accommodated.
These include multiple genres within individual plays, diverse expressive devices (including stage images and representations of the human body, as well as language and rhetoric), and especially a large spectrum of literary forerunners, among which are his own earlier works alluded to in later ones.
Before respondents were asked about gun control, they heard 19 questions that mentioned children; of these, 12 mentioned or alluded to violence, and 10 explicitly connected guns to the harming of children, including suicide, homicide, and accidents.
The appeals court also cited the substantial evidence" presented to the Tax Court by CNB in establishing the existence of an asset separate and distinct from goodwill, and alluded favorably to recognition by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency of the existence of an asset separate from goodwill.