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But who was the man, so bitterly and so regretfully alluded to?
His weaknesses are several times alluded to by Socrates, who, however, will not allow him to be attacked by his brother Adeimantus.
His favorite oath is retained, and a slight mention is made of the daemonium, or internal sign, which is alluded to by Socrates as a phenomenon peculiar to himself.
I see that I have alluded above to his powers upon the violin.
The Independent Complaints Panel, which enforces the Portman Group's code of practice on the promotion of alcohol, said the name alluded to sexual success.
The Holocaust is another theme--if an unusually daunting one--that is alluded to by many Jewish choreographers.
18, 2004, the Globe and Mail's Jeffrey Simpson alluded to "the marginality of Parliament" that had persisted despite every promise that had been made before Martin came to power.
This editorial alluded to the opinion held by some that we should use our political muscle to establish trade laws that benefit us without regard to how it affects others.
But as you alluded to, a weapon of mass destruction in our world goes beyond that [definition] and includes improvised explosive devices.
Culminating an expected second stage of his investigation--focused on compensation and distribution in the life, accident and disability insurance markets--Spitzer alluded to his earlier suit accusing top commercial broker Marsh & McLennan Cos.
Harvey Weinstein alluded to his widely reported disagreements with Disney and its chief executive, Michael Eisner.
April) was interesting, but I was disappointed that he only alluded to Opus Dei's role in the book (i.