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Henry's astonishing generosity and nobleness of conduct, in never alluding in the slightest way to what had passed, was of the greatest assistance to her; and sooner than she could have supposed it possible in the beginning of her distress, her spirits became absolutely comfortable, and capable, as heretofore, of continual improvement by anything he said.
In alluding just now to our system of education, I spoke of the deadness of its details.
It was evident that the young girl was alluding to the slight assistance which he had rendered her in the critical situation in which she had found herself two hours previously.
and a day or two after, she had added, evidently alluding to him, but not mentioning his name, that it was an unalterable characteristic of hers to be mistaken in people.
Yes; but you are alluding to a peril from which he freed himself, by causing the nurse and preceptor to disappear," answered Aramis, quietly.
The German, Pahlen, has been sent to New York in America, to fetch the Frenchman, Moreau," he said, alluding to the invitation made that year to Moreau to enter the Russian service.
I imagined at the time that he had some strong reason for not alluding to it, but he soon dispelled the idea by coming round to the subject of his own accord.
Summary: The Extra Factor host Konnie Huq may have accidentally ruined an ITV surprise after alluding to Jedward being 'in the jungle.
The negative implications here extend well beyond pointing to sluggish consumer spending, alluding to a sharp slowdown in business activity.
In 1992 he made a piece called Dayenu, alluding to the Passover prayer meaning "It would have been enough.
They roamed freely but did not really leave a territory of flat rectilinearity in their construction, which was often manifest as a stretched canvas or panel with prosthetic extensions, or in jerrybuilt contraptions alluding to shelves, cabinets, windows, or fragments of wall.
And times have changed: "I think the gay tourist should be circumspect while traveling in Egypt," Reeder cautions, alluding to the current routine persecution of openly gay men.