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He is alluding, of course, to the expression "a white crow," a rare phenomenon indeed, on which Erasmus duly commented in Adagia 3635, entitled "Coruus albus.
Beginning with line five, the poet offers another possible explanation for the origin of jazz by alluding to symbols of Christianity.
Alluding to these associations, Johnson describes Jackson as having an uncanny "way with birds," they would even, Rutherford imagines, "let him lie down upon them .
These use graphic sign imagery to depict a complex cosmology alluding to--or paralleling--semiotics and Christian iconography.
Alluding to her group's annual distribution of slanted campaign materials, the Coalition's so-called "voter guides," Combs said, "There is something very wrong with a law that prohibits the voter's right to know how Members of Congress have voted on important pro-life and pro-family issues.
Rocker Sheryl Crow, alluding to Eminem's success, as quoted in Ted Casablanca's column The Awful Truth on E
The entertaining, yet lengthy, series of vignettes were physical and whimsical, all the while alluding to sexuality.
Focusing on Milton's discussion of the universal church and particular churches in De Doctrina Christiana, but also alluding copiously to his other works, Honeygosky argues that Milton follows a lead left open by Luther in the direction of the radical, "gathered," or congregational church.
I keep on thinking that the fandom I'm alluding to is something more like worship.
La Fosse's pas de deux, alluding to Balanchine but with a choreographic vitality of its own, balanced technical demands and choreographic invention in the liveliest duet on the program.