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Harper's focus on the urban household, the "haunt of allurements," where, in their role as "breathing furniture," domestic slaves could be spectators of the congress between husband and wife or sexual victims of either spouse, is instructive (60, 64).
Big operation is carried out by officers who pose as members of a criminal gang and win the suspect's trust with money and other allurements.
He said in fulfilling of the professional duties, a Judge not only has to withstand many temptations and allurements but also has to face many threats.
Allurements abound, and many of these can take us off track.
It is a young man's book, full of the joy of life, the allurements and satisfactions of the physical world, women's bodies, grilled lamb and alcoholic exaltation, even the delight of walking down a street in the evening "by way of the casino lined by tall palms, by huge trees and by fragrant blossoms .
According to television reports, the commission will seek the opinion of various parties before making rules to regulate allurements in election manifestos.
With ministers comprising mostly Maratha men, they were also worried that young men from the rural areas were attracted more to city dancers and were turning a blind eye to the allurements of tamasha artistes - who are the traditional and classical versions of bar dancers - as a result of which this ancient tradition of Maharashtra was in danger of extinction.
The allurements that an independent Kurdistan could proffer in return would include its role as a potential source of much-needed, abundant and reliable oil supplies, as a stable, accommodating ally and buffer between it and a hostile Iraq and Iran, and even -- in a policy option as extraordinary as Turkey's own -- as a collaborator in containing fellow Kurds, such as the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK.
He told the court: "It's apparent he married this defendant when she was but 17 and, whatever allurements he offered, it became clear he was a mean and controlling figure.
Sometimes it takes outsiders to remind us of our allurements.
These guys have refused all allurements to migrate to Israel because they love their home country and they should not be rewarded by relocation which will not hit the nail on the head for what we need is tolerance.