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"If we let the vulnerability of our God enter into our seminaries and our chanceries, maybe we could put away some of those allurements that we already know are as banal as they are compromising," he said.
Manav traces Staines to the Manoharpur jungle camp where he hopes to find evidence of the allurements that Missionary would be offering to the tribesmen for converting to Christianity.
We are all sinners who have somehow offended God, who is our Father, because of all the allurements of this world.
If we give in to the allurements of the world now, we may not be together in Jannah.' His reply filled my soul with immense pride the day I read this verse from Surah Al-Saad (38:46) 'Indeed, We chose them for an exclusive quality:- remembrance of the home (of the hereafter).'
In another part of his speech, he urged all of the people, particularly youths to be careful about and prevent the influence of enemy allurements in the general environment of their lives, adding, Do not allow the infiltration of the enemy to create a disruption in the coherent ranks of faithful youths.
my MLAs refused all allurements and told me who came with huge offers to them," he said without naming any party or individual.
He was caught offering allurements to his own party MLAs.
Parrikar had said talking to the Times of India "Many terrorists are drawn into terrorism because of financial allurements...
It has been alleged that many a time the behind the scene manoeuvres were conducted in questionable style, using 'allurements' or plain skulduggery.
One day he was heard hurling choicest of abuses on his detractors in a sting operation and now faces the charge of trying to defame rival Bharatiya Janata Party by getting calls made to his own party lawmakers on the name of senior BJP leaders offering allurements to switch sides when BJP briefly mulled the option of forming a government in Delhi before agreeing for fresh polls.
Harper's focus on the urban household, the "haunt of allurements," where, in their role as "breathing furniture," domestic slaves could be spectators of the congress between husband and wife or sexual victims of either spouse, is instructive (60, 64).
Big operation is carried out by officers who pose as members of a criminal gang and win the suspect's trust with money and other allurements.