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Alluring Africa has underwritten the full cost of the Fight Hunger Feed Hope materials, manufacturing, design, and all the related transaction fees for the t-shirts .
Perhaps you are thinking, "When do I have time and why would I create an alluring environment?
In the Midlands section of the new book, this is what the authors had to say: "Though Coventry itself isn't terribly alluring, its spectacular pair of cathedrals, one new and one ruined, make it a worthwhile day trip from Stratford, Warwick or Birmingham.
Called the Allure, it is certainly being offered at an extremely alluring price.
There's a dark side to this power of alluring scent.
Doppelt's oeuvre ranges from alluring juxtapositions of food particles to bizarre jointures of architectural detail.
But the evening belonged to the alluring, leather-clad Ortega, whose riveting solos confirmed his richly deserved reputation as a consummate rhythmic dynamo.
Those are the newly discovered contents of the alluring odor sacs of the tropical male sac-winged bat-alluring that is, for the females of the species.
Princess Diana has lost it, says a posh magazine - which dumps her from its list of the world's 50 most alluring women.