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Joseph Luzzi's alluringly personal reflections of his childhood portray the joys and challenges associated with blending his family's Italian heritage with a new American identity.
I'd probably scowled at them rather than gazed alluringly.
Subtly refreshed through the enhancement of its signature design elements, this new EBEL Wave model is sensuous and alluringly feminine.
They remain frustrating, yet alluringly attractive, and long may that continue.
Subtle and worldly at the same time, fashion's artful mash-up was reflected on the runways by designers like Dries Van Noten, who paraded a panoply of optic pieces mixed with Nordic sweaters and psychedelic florals; Kenzo, where zigzag designs mingled showily with abstract patterns that conjured a vibrant coral reef; or Alexander Wang, who played vaguely tribal geometrics against bubble-textured knits -- to name but a handful whose inventive imaginings have threaded their way into an eye-popping, and alluringly tactile, fall tapestry.
He was a young man full of hope in the mysterious future which stretched alluringly before him, albeit somewhat obscure.
The faint yellowish surfaces of Cramps, 2014, vacuum-formed foam reliefs, shimmer repulsively and alluringly, the slick bulk of matter tantalizing the viewer to touch it.
Jazz conjures up pictures of alluringly dark and smoky clubs, snappily dressed musicians in the spotlight, pouring their hearts out through their shiny trumpets and saxophones, or hunched intensely over the piano or double bass, and hip and elegant clientele digging the vibe.
First footprints tells its story alluringly from the beginnings, when people first moved out of Africa and made their way to what is now Australia, through thematically and chronologically structured discussions entitled 'Near extinction' (74,00 0 to 60,000 years ago), 'Supernomads' (60,000 to 30,000 years ago), 'The great drought' (30,000 to 18,000 years ago) and 'The great flood' (from 18,000 years ago).
Also alluringly displayed are suggestions for outfits to complement unique eye glasses sold by the company.
In each instance, the composer's contributions are alluringly evident, with his gift for skillful orchestration, punctilious craftsmanship, puckish humor, and imaginative fancy all on full display.
Jesus tells us that we should be more willing to cut off our hands or pluck out our eyes rather than consent to sin--yet how much more difficult is it to avoid committing sin when the very objects of our affection are standing in front of us, alluringly beautiful and only half dressed?