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Joseph Luzzi's alluringly personal reflections of his childhood portray the joys and challenges associated with blending his family's Italian heritage with a new American identity.
From the beginning to the end, the text alluringly engages the mind in a way befitting of material designed for both academic and general-purpose reading.
I initially thought I'd despise living in a hotel with their staid identikit rooms, but as my check-out date looms I realise that I've got quite accustomed to coming home after a hard day's work and finding my little apartment clean, washing up done and my bed alluringly turned over and calling me to unwind and relax.
The alluringly seedy entrance to Big Ben--with its garden bench, metal wall panel, illuminated fountain, red walls, and matching neon window frame--was the initial inspiration for the show.
In Janaek's cartoon-like tale of animals versus humans (and each other) the conflicts may be alluringly presented - the timeless magic of the late Maria Bjornson's sets sees to that - but are no less devastating in their tragic outcomes.
However, when tightly composed, beautifully calligraphic, and alluringly colored, graffiti, such as this piece in Panama City, possesses its own kind of presence, energy, and appeal that's hard to ignore.
They are intimate and evocative, yet alluringly ambiguous.
Rounding out the band was bassist Johanna Fateman and the alluringly androgynous keyboardist JD Samson.
Ghosts combined alluringly haunting elements: a lyrical classical score by rock musician C.
More alluringly, the shadows that the words strike on the walls become metaphoric guides that offer us transliterations of the poetry, almost as if they were intermediaries steering us through the haze of words and giving them meaning and shape.
We also added quarter-ounce in-line sinkers, about 18 inches above the dart, allowing it to flutter alluringly just above the bottom, which shad generally hug while moving upstream.
An expression of simple beauty and femininity, the collection will appeal to the head and the heart as classic touch and striking flair alluringly come together.