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Alluringly smashed up a fair field by nearly five lengths and upwards andfinished off her race so sweetly that it is hard not to see her getting this longer trip.
Radvanovsky, who'd been ill for the first performance of the run but from all reports sang splendidly, was in magisterial form for this one, the fourth, with the love-it-or-leave-it darkish, slightly covered, alluringly (at least to my ears) vibrant tone soaring gloriously or tapering to a hushed filament as she wielded it with properly regal command.
that look deceptively like ours might, if viewed through a warped but alluringly dark prism.
He created vases as objets, employing alluringly round forms and creating dense textures with glaze drips and interactions of color.
Joseph Luzzi's alluringly personal reflections of his childhood portray the joys and challenges associated with blending his family's Italian heritage with a new American identity.
From the beginning to the end, the text alluringly engages the mind in a way befitting of material designed for both academic and general-purpose reading.
The faint yellowish surfaces of Cramps, 2014, vacuum-formed foam reliefs, shimmer repulsively and alluringly, the slick bulk of matter tantalizing the viewer to touch it.
Jazz conjures up pictures of alluringly dark and smoky clubs, snappily dressed musicians in the spotlight, pouring their hearts out through their shiny trumpets and saxophones, or hunched intensely over the piano or double bass, and hip and elegant clientele digging the vibe.
Jesus tells us that we should be more willing to cut off our hands or pluck out our eyes rather than consent to sin--yet how much more difficult is it to avoid committing sin when the very objects of our affection are standing in front of us, alluringly beautiful and only half dressed?
In Janaek's cartoon-like tale of animals versus humans (and each other) the conflicts may be alluringly presented - the timeless magic of the late Maria Bjornson's sets sees to that - but are no less devastating in their tragic outcomes.
However, when tightly composed, beautifully calligraphic, and alluringly colored, graffiti, such as this piece in Panama City, possesses its own kind of presence, energy, and appeal that's hard to ignore.
They are intimate and evocative, yet alluringly ambiguous.