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By analyzing a previously unnoted allusion in King Lear, I argue that Shakespeare unconsciously displays three things: an independent habit of mind, skepticism toward the literary canon, and a preference for subversive artistic practice.
Covenant Continuity and Fidelity: A Study of Inner-Biblical Allusion and Exegesis in Malachi
Brahms among Friends: Listening, Performance, and the Rhetoric of Allusion.
Khartoum, 3 Juin (SUNA) - Le Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres a souligne qu'aucune des ambassades du Soudan dans les pays europeens a recu une menace ou une allusion qu'elle sera fermee sur le background de l'affaire de la femme soudanaise apostate.
Avant la levee de la pleniere du debut d'apres-midi de lundi , le president de l'ANC Mustapha Ben Jaafar a fait allusion a un depute qui a commis un depassement sans presenter d'excuses , et tout le monde a compris qu'il s'agissait de Mouldi Zidi qui a agresse physiquement le depute Jalel Bouzid depute d'Ettakattol , lors de la reunion pleniere de samedi .
But Gregory Machacek's book surprises with the inventiveness and clarity of its thinking about Miltonic allusion and early modern canon making.
When Clarissa teases Peter that she is having a party "Which I shan't ask you to," it is not "an allusion to a very obscure Greek fragment, Theognis' little elegy 1207-8" (83).
With the repeated references to the poems celebrating "Camille," where Chenier expresses his passionate love for his mistress, Balzac's allusion becomes very certain.
L'allusion ressortit au theme plus general de l'intertextualite et entretient des rapports avec la citation, en ce que certaines citations font partie du bagage cognitif et culturel commun a l'ensemble d'une communaute linguistique (2), et peuvent donc etre considerees comme des allusions (3).
217) Although Laruelle does not hear his remark, Firmin's subtle allusion to the second line of Owen's poem suggests how deeply wounded he has been by this affair.
However, some Christian ministers have expressed reservations about the draft, specifically over its allusion to Hizbullah's weapons, also called national resistance arms.
I find Murphy's readings unconvincing primarily because I cannot, in the great majority of examples he cites, see the allusion for what Murphy requires it to be.