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Though some, such as whether one can `quote' a rhythm, or what to do about pseudo-quotations, are not central to the present discussion, two others are: firstly, whether to distinguish marked and unmarked quotations, as Hermeren does, labelling the latter as `borrowings';(27) and secondly, whether both `borrowings' and `quotations' may or may not, in Ben-Porat's terms, be `markers' leading to `referent texts', activating `allusion'.(28) Lawrence's use of Spenser is, in purely formal terms, a quotation, but the general resemblance of Ursula's dream of Kingston to the pastoral of Prothalamion suggests that it is also an allusion.
James Stewart gets soused in the 1940 movie "The Philadelphia Story," and Cary Grant, while gamely fixing him yet another drink, mumbles something about "carrying coals to Newcastle." The allusion enriches and amuses: England's Newcastle is a famous coal center - it needs coal the way Stewart's character needs another drink.
THE MECHANICS OF "ALLUSION," AND ALSO OF INTERTEXTUALITY, THE broader category to which allusion belongs, are not well understood.
Allusion as Narrative Premise in Brahms's Instrumental Music.
Like in an allusion, it is a result of the influence of a text that the author may have read at one time in the past.
EVERY ALLUSION HAS A POLITICAL UNCONSCIOUS, an aspect that reveals how the author using the allusion unknowingly oriented herself or himself toward contemporary ideologies.
Khartoum, 3 Juin (SUNA) - Le Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres a souligne qu'aucune des ambassades du Soudan dans les pays europeens a recu une menace ou une allusion qu'elle sera fermee sur le background de l'affaire de la femme soudanaise apostate.
Avant la levee de la pleniere du debut d'apres-midi de lundi , le president de l'ANC Mustapha Ben Jaafar a fait allusion a un depute qui a commis un depassement sans presenter d'excuses , et tout le monde a compris qu'il s'agissait de Mouldi Zidi qui a agresse physiquement le depute Jalel Bouzid depute d'Ettakattol , lors de la reunion pleniere de samedi .
Milton and Homer makes three broad claims about the study of literary allusion and influence.
Balzac was a master of allusion. He usually embedded his allusive patterns so seamlessly that, although they may work on the reader's subconscious, they only call attention to themselves with great subtlety.
Ce questionnement souleve, bien entendu, un ensemble de problemes d'ordre theorique souvent debattus, dont l'ampleur depasse le cadre de cet article, mais nous essaierons d'apporter quelques elements de reponse en nous interessant au probleme de l'allusion et a son traitement en traduction.
(217) Although Laruelle does not hear his remark, Firmin's subtle allusion to the second line of Owen's poem suggests how deeply wounded he has been by this affair.