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But Wright is likely to be allusive even when he seems least allusive:
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She argues that the minor model imitation practices probably began as a way for writers to exercise their skills before attempting to engage "loftier" literature, but became over time a way for the poets to address their fellow poets in an allusive way that would not necessarily be recognized by the general audience.
According to Murphy, Beckett's major prose works from 1932 onward in various ways all respond either to Dedalus's theories of claritas, quidittas, and integritas, or rewrite, ironically or not, the epiphanic vision of sexual beauty: all are deeply, elaborately embedded with allusive traces of A Portrait, the Joyce text (perhaps the text), as Murphy suggests, that had the most influence on Beckett.
From the Ovidian side, she challenges any notion of Milton competing with Ovid as a hostile reader, arguing instead for a relationship based on deeply allusive familiarity and sympathy.
Love songs retain deeply allusive meanings; as Para reminds us, the "physical is just a metaphor for the spiritual." One song, "Awapuhi Puakea" (White Ginger Blossom), while ostensibly an evocation of roadside flowers, also recalls his beloved Maui hula teacher, Rowena "Nona" Mahilani Kaluhiokalani, who died in 2002.
However, his translator, Daniel Sherer, tells us that his 'allusive use of language, his unexpected turns of phrase, and the rhythm and complexity of his thought all conspire to make the task of the translator arduous'.
Secret crushes, altered personalities, subtle humor, and one allusive author all add up to pure fun.
This may be part of the author's allusive and loose style of arguing, exemplified by the fragmentary nature of the prose with its numerous titled subsections, and the rather arch and often jaunty tone, which will make the book enjoyable and accessible for some of its readers.
Beginning in Berlin and ending in Portugal, the film presents a freely flowing series of impressionistic images; complex and allusive, the film wrestles with the difficulty of representing the processes of thought and response in visual and aural language.
They apply labels to various types of names: initialized and acronymic names (IBM, Alcoa), allusive names (the Mach3 razor), arbitrary names (Apple), and the coined names currently in vogue (Agilent, Lucent).
And none of these monuments is larger or more assailable than Ulysses, a dense, allusive, 300,000-word blend of stream of consciousness, multiple narrators, genre parodies, Irish history, and a long, farcical dream play.