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28) Eliot allusively codes these enthusiastic male characters as embodying homoerotic desire, reasonably evident in their embodied presence as threshold figures of their heteronormative families, and then denies them fulfillment of this desire by subjecting them--or subjugating them--to the apparently real circumstances of their respective fictional worlds.
Here, too, her use of the sexually flee female as source of sin, allusively connected to the Whore of Babylon, does not reproduce St.
The answer I have provided, however, can be presented today only allusively, and inevitably will raise more questions than can be answered.
6:8) will be generous stewards of artwork that makes Jesus Christ's call to repentance and offer of grace to forgive known allusively in imaginative deed to those who never darken the insides of art museums or churches.
Lee incorporates this particular event into his book explicitly and allusively.
Recovering the nation building and gendered pasts allusively embedded in the play through Shakespeare's fleeting reference to "Davy Gam, Esquire" among the English warriors killed at Agincourt and his inclusion (at least in the Folio text) of Queen Isabel among the French court, Henderson demonstrates that these histories are more problematic than one may expect.
Recognizing as he surely did the cultural centrality of the Resurrection, (5) Shakespeare continually uses it as dramatic capital, reconfiguring it and allusively reminding his audience of its power in his recognition scenes.
Fortunately for him he is cleared of all accusations and, as Edgeworth writes allusively, "The tanner and the glover of Hereford became, from bitter enemies, useful friends to each other; and they were convinced, by experience, that nothing could be more for their mutual advantage than to live in union".
By showing a naked, aroused, and excited Cassio, Zeffirelli undermines the seductive, hypnotic power of Iago's words, which in Verdi-Boito evoke allusively (never explicitely) the demons of Otello's enraged mind.
An argument of sorts does emerge from the mass of detail, if only allusively.
The soul can go for a ride / On the high-heaped car that has nothing to do with bread, / Nothing, nothing at all to do with the war; / The soul can go for a ride with the rich young dead" Then Pitter lists the tawdry wreaths that "make you feel like a wedding"; one is formed as the gates to heaven ajar, another is a broken column, another is a pillow that says "rest in peace" and yet another is a "sham Harp with its tinsel string allusively [burst]" The mawkish artificiality of all this peaks when one of the most important symbols of Christianity is contrived into a "three-quid Cross made of flaring anemones.
Yet their significance has been minimized; one writer has reduced their meaning simply to the evidence of the author's Roman identity, placed by Colonna in his text to memorialize allusively his ancestors' patronage of the poet.