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If the allusiveness of the earlier sequences has been eclectic, "Path of Thunder" draws its metaphors and symbols from the African bestiary, as J.
It assumes a reader who is very familiar with the WV, and thus will interest mostly Goethe scholars, and perhaps some others who have read the novel and are interested in its cultural and historical contexts, and in its intertextual allusiveness.
Her deft rhymes and meters, her allusiveness, and her guarded irony are all ways of containing feeling, and thereby heightening it.
In these and other Shakespeare films of the day, the range and density of pictorial allusiveness, the visual literacy they assume of their target audiences, firmly resituate Shakespeare in the regime of the (moving) image, not that of the word.
Where she notes Cuba as a Caribbean-Atlantic locus of displacement for that novel's Gonzalvo, I note Bermuda, Jamaica, and the broad allusiveness of Atlantic oceanspace as the sites of displacement in the Journal and in The Isle of Devils.
To enhance the scope of the allusiveness of her experience, Craig can call on all the resources of her career as a distinguished literary critic, editor, and biographer.
He uses this combination of the concreteness of mechanical form and the allusiveness of non-form to maximum aesthetic effect, where the stylistic organization of form translates into a desire to confer on these pieces a purely imaginative character, and where the spatial structures clearly borrowed from the exact sciences are interlinked by logical connections, which are however organized according to suppositions drawn from the realms of poetry and fantasy.
But his attention to the novel's allusiveness suffers occasional lapses.
Such an "opening up," or sense of transcendence, is achieved not only through the portrayal of extreme emotional states--the familiar stuff of much horror--but also by the use of deliberate narrative effects, including unreliable narrators, stories-within-stories, metatextual layering of narratives, shifting points of view, self-conscious allusiveness, and often surprising dissonances of tone and style.
First, if we apply Charles Jencks's notion of double-coding to the borrowed fragments of the film--as Linda Hutcheon does for architecture in A Poetics of Postmodernism--something more serious than shallow playfulness or adolescent allusiveness begins to emerge.
And this affinity has also played a role in Yamaguchi's appreciation for the inseparability of form and matter in any creative transposition of an idea into its medium, as well as in her refusal to sacrifice visual allusiveness to an ideology.
If allusiveness is a striking feature in the Li Shangyin corpus, his frequent, creative, and assimilative employment of allusions contributed to another conspicuous characteristic of his poetry: enigma.