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In accordance with this idea, the Amsterdam theatergoers were urged to learn to cope with the fierce pains to accept God's Almightiness.
My book] seeks unashamedly to entertain as well as inform, but lest it be necessary to say so--and it probably is--it does not intend at any point to challenge the sacred stature of the Prophet Muhammad, the self-evident appeal of Islam, or the almightiness of God.
This passage clearly shows that Popper understands rationalism not as the almightiness of reason, but as one's realization of the limit of reason.
57) Moreover, al-Ghazzali required laypersons to affirm that istiwa' in the proof-texts does not refer to "sitting" or "settled," "fixity of location," which are attributes of material bodies; rather, they should recognize that the actual meaning of istawa' is unknown to them and they should not feel obliged to inquire into its knowledge, accepting as true the Qur'anic words the Most Gracious (istawa') on the Throne of His almightiness.
Huygens' problem of evil and concept of almightiness.
In the Fascist delirium of almightiness, individual instances of African Courage and Beauty were reduced to mere tools of propaganda.