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It was an appropriate shape to complement the almond-shaped eyes bulging out of his sockets.
We then added almond-shaped eyes (not round) and I showed them how to draw lips and a mouth by using a flattened "M" shape for the top lip.
This character has strong, almond-shaped eyes, and on his head he wears a floppy sixteenth-century Dutch black hat (think Rembrandt).
Some even go to the extent of obtaining "corrective" surgery on their almond-shaped eyes or pint-sized nose, or work on their straight black hair.
It features almond-shaped eyes outlined with cosmetic bands, a short nose and a large mouth with wide lips.
Judging by appearance, the titular, CGI hero of Paul a wrinkled, pencil-necked geek with big, almond-shaped eyes and the rumbling voice of Seth Rogen could be a distant cousin of Rango, Johnny Depp's cowboy-chameleon character in the recent animated film of the same name.
Cruel classmates made fun of Charmaine's distinctive almond-shaped eyes and her hard-working attitude during lessons and, as she piled on the weight, the taunts became worse.
Also, the figure's short hairstyle, prominent lobes, curved ears and almond-shaped eyes suggest the object most likely portrays an athlete.
But for Jagmohan Singh Premi, a practicing Sikh with quiet, almond-shaped eyes, school only became scarier and more dangerous the more time he spent there.
It had black almond-shaped eyes and seemed slightly vaporous.
Sarah had seemed to Ethan like the most beautiful creature he had ever seen; with her dark brown hair and green almond-shaped eyes and small fine bones she looked like a Slavic princess.
ROD WITH HER MUM; Sarah's mother Susannah with Rod in the 60s; SARAH AS SHE IS NOW; Sarah has the same long nose and almond-shaped eyes of her father Rod; WITH ROD IN THE 80s; Sarah on a rare visit to her father Rod's massive mansion in Epping, Essex; Sarah at her wedding to Chris Streeter