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As Americans gathered for Thanksgiving on Thursday, Krajewski described how Francis has redefined the little known office of papal almoner and explained the true meaning of giving during a chat with journalists over coffee and pastries a few steps from the Vatican gates.
24) Strong support from the medical profession and Melbourne Vicar-General, Monsignor John Lonergan, persuaded an otherwise belligerent mother superior of the importance of a professional almoner.
Furthermore Ignatius cultivated the support of the Roman social elite, especially women with links to Habsburg Spain, and solicited the aid of the papal almoner and of plenary indulgences for those devoting their service.
Finally, Elaine Wiles is the northern almoner for the Injured Jockeys' Fund, a true stalwart operating at the sharp end of misery and tragedy after serious injury or indeed death.
It is worth noting that the idea of "the lady with the lamp" was not yet prevalent, although she had been described thus in the newspapers, by Mr MacDonald, almoner of the Times Fund and was shown carrying an oil lamp by The Illustrated London News (see above).
Paul, Minnesota, "Justice" was written, produced and directed by Jeanne-Marie Almoner and John Shulman, a husband and wife team of civil rights lawyers.
As soon as he came to Spain he appealed for money to the Royal Almoner in Madrid, and his costly way of life led him into frequent borrowing.
APPEAL TOTAL ON THE UP: With the cheque from the Eastfields Lodge are (from left), Tony Osborne, almoner for the lodge, John Mays, worshipful master of the lodge, Tony Cousins, vice-chairman of the Friends of St Cross and Mike Rigby, chairman
Gurr suggests that Thomas Giles, successor to Sebastian Westcote as Almoner to St.
In 1672 he gained a licentiate in theology and four years later became Almoner in Ordinary to Louis XIV.
Thus forfeited property is no longer 'applied to pious uses, and distributed in alms by the high almoner,' but rather it may, under appropriate circumstances, be either sold, destroyed, or retained for official use by the Attorney General.
Nevertheless, when he passed among them, as he must at times, he saw to it that his almoner made a suitable distribution of small coins, but he himself did his best to see and smell them as little as possible.