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Some time ago I pointed out that the almoner has ascertained that 110 of the patients of the Hosp.
The most likely identification of Eoin O'Keefe and Maureen Murphy is, respectively, with a Dublin County Council official and a Rotunda Hospital almoner who bore these names.
24) Strong support from the medical profession and Melbourne Vicar-General, Monsignor John Lonergan, persuaded an otherwise belligerent mother superior of the importance of a professional almoner.
Marjorie Awbuyn, an almoner at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne and also Victorian President of the Australian Association of Social Workers, undertook study through St Vincent's Hospital, New York, in 1957.
Oxley, a widow for nearly 30 years following the death of her Oaks and Lincoln-winning trainer-husband John, retired as an Injured Jockeys' Fund almoner in 2001 after serving for 17 years.
IJF president Lord Oaksey says: "The meetings are businesslike but invariably lively, as the almoners do their best for those on their books and the trustees seek to ensure fairness and consistency.
Now there are ten trustees, seven full-time paid almoners, an office with four staff and a general manager.
For our almoners, led originally by Hilary Kerr and Sue Mills, and now by `Chicky' Oaksey, Elaine Wiles and Liz Carroll, these things are at least a weekly occurrence.
The IJF has ten unpaid trustees, who meet at least eight times a year, five almoners, who do all the field work, and a small staff manning a hectic Newmarket office under the guidance of chief executive Jeremy Richardson.
We at the Stable Lads' Welfare Trust do for stable staff what the almoners for the Injured Jockeys' Fund do for jockeys," he explains.
The trustees and almoners deserve special mention for their unstinting work, both before and, especially during, the holiday.