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Theresa Wardell and Sr Hedwige of St Vincent's Hospital struck difficulties with the combined force of the Victorian Institute of Hospital Almoners and Royal Melbourne Hospital.
Just outside the main gate to the abbey the almoner welcomed pilgrims, boarded the poor, lodged pupils from the grammar school, and distributed bread, beer and broth to the deserving.
For the past 13 years, Yorkshire-based Bartlett, 60, has been responsible for a vast region - stretching from Nottingham to Glasgow - in her role as northern almoner and formed close friendships with a number of the beneficiaries she has assisted.
Newmarket-based Oxley, who worked alongside Hilary Kerr and Sue Mills as IJF almoners, was a regular visitor to Sharon Murgatroyd, who was in on the secret when a group of those she had helped organised a surprise retirement party.
At last month's meeting of the IJF Committee and Almoners decisions were made and action taken in respect of no less than 34 men and eight women who are beneficiaries in one way or another of this literally life-enhancing fund.
She has agreed to occupy the seat normally occupied by former York boss John Smith when the committee meets IJF almoners to review current cases.
Kate O'Neill, one of our northern almoners, has since then provided care and support to Tessa.
In 40 years of fundraising, the IJF has helped more than 1,000 jockeys and their dependents, of whom 800 are on the books today, receiving assistance that ranges from help with a mortgage or a state-of-the-art wheelchair to a home visit and friendly advice from one of eight almoners.
Jockeys past and present joined the princess - who succeeded the Queen Mother as the IJF's patron - along with trustees, almoners, staff
When you do, you realise just what a job chief executive Jeremy Richardson and the IJF almoners have done over the years.
Helen Fairburn will take over her role as one of the IJF's two northern almoners - Elaine Wiles is the other - when Sarah stands down early next month.
holiday for the almoners, who work so hard, but their unstinting efforts ensured that everybody else had a great time.