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ALMS. In its most extensive sense, this comprehends every species of relief bestowed upon the poor, and, therefore, including all charities. In a more, limited sense, it signifies what is given by public authority for the relief of the poor. Shelford on Mortmain, 802, note (x); 1 Dougl. Election Cas. 370; 2 Id. 107; Heywood on Elections, 263.

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But, the smart kids hurriedly switch over to Japanese to seek alms once they encounter a group of Japanese tourists.
Alms focuses on how the concept of alms is realized in a Chan Buddhist monastery.
Many years ago this alms giving was held at the Vipassana Bhavana Center at Wijerama Mawata, Colombo 7, where Madam Srimavo Bandaranaike personally participated on a number of occasions.
Residents said they wanted to collect alms and build a school in their area, but were upset when Houthi affiliates asked for it instead, Albhsh told the Yemen Times.
PLOS are leaders in ALMs and are an ideal partner to make innovative uses of F1000Prime data.
In fact, Alms said numbers were down over the weekend, with just 16 families crossing into Arsal as compared to a usual arrival rate of 20-25 families per day.
QUIZ: Question three's alms houses, above, and a train on question five's line, below
The exhibition contains historical artefacts from the Holy Jesus Hospital in Newcastle, which served as an alms house and soup kitchen to the poor and disadvantaged in the middle ages.
AS WE journey through this lenten season we are reminded of the importance of prayer, penance and alms giving.
Travel Business Review-March 1, 2011--Ferrari North America Offers Ferrari ALMS Hospitality Pass(C)2011] ENPublishing - http://www.
At ADCB, we continue to actively encourage our customers to pay their alms, thus boosting compassion and sympathy as prominent communal values.
Egypt's top Muslim cleric Thursday urged the Muslims to offer their zakat or alms to the victims of devastating floods in Pakistan.