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ALMS. In its most extensive sense, this comprehends every species of relief bestowed upon the poor, and, therefore, including all charities. In a more, limited sense, it signifies what is given by public authority for the relief of the poor. Shelford on Mortmain, 802, note (x); 1 Dougl. Election Cas. 370; 2 Id. 107; Heywood on Elections, 263.

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Rituals commonly cited in the rural village were veneration of the bodhi tree (bodhi puja), alms-giving (dane) ceremonies, and yearly pilgrimages to Anuradhapura, Somavati, and Mahiyangana.
Through an electronic linkage from Jazeera Airways to the Zakat House, we would like to remind people of the importance of alms-giving, charity and donations during this holy month, " he added.
Among her concerns are whether the relationship between Travellers and settled people were antagonistic or tolerant at different times, what forces shaped that relationship during the period, and whether the presence of the wandering beggar or boccough was important for attitudes towards mobility and alms-giving.
4) would be difficult to realize in the case of the chapters by Findly and Patton, who instead offer thought-provoking analyses of how women's roles and functions are represented in the texts, and of the underlying logic that shapes the framework within which alms-giving or miscarriage are managed, focussing as much or more on the behaviors of the male mendicant or ritualist than on those of the female figure.
I'll be stressing the passages from Matthew 6:1-6 and Matthew 6:16-18 that concern alms-giving, prayer and fasting.
Henderson offers minute analyses of its patchy records of alms-giving to refute "the old historiographical chestnut" (242) that medieval Catholic charity served only stereotypical Biblical categories, while ignoring the needs of the genuine poor.
Damascus, (SANA)- Minster of Awqaf (Religious Endowments) Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed said the recently issued legislative decree by President Bashar al-Assad on establishing an alms-giving (al-Zakat) and charity fund would contribute to increasing charity work in the country.
Meanwhile, many parish groups from across the country cooperated in Buddhist religious functions and took part in devotional songs, alms-giving and other festival activities.
According to some revelations, continuous prayer and alms-giving keep away such calamities.
Admire magnificent temples, view spectacular waterfalls, and wake at dawn to participate in a traditional Buddhist alms-giving ceremony.
So notorious had this alms-giving become, that in pre-Reformation England many monasteries could look forward to providing food for 200 visitors or more nightly.