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ALMS. In its most extensive sense, this comprehends every species of relief bestowed upon the poor, and, therefore, including all charities. In a more, limited sense, it signifies what is given by public authority for the relief of the poor. Shelford on Mortmain, 802, note (x); 1 Dougl. Election Cas. 370; 2 Id. 107; Heywood on Elections, 263.

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Through an electronic linkage from Jazeera Airways to the Zakat House, we would like to remind people of the importance of alms-giving, charity and donations during this holy month, " he added.
Michon covers the Quran the Sunnah (customs of the Prophet Muhammad) and Islamic jurisprudence efficiently before relating the five "pillars" of Islamic belief--expression of faith prayer fasting alms-giving and pilgrimage--and the foundations of the Islamic city in an equally economical fashion.
As the second annual report put it: "There must be no air of alms-giving, no professional philanthropy, and no display of what can be done by cheerless mediocrity.
first locates a good deal of Jesus' ministry in Judea, then elaborates the significance of alms-giving in the Johannine community and the relation of Jesus to the family of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus located in Bethany (etymology, "house of the poor"), with stress on concern for the poor and the existence of a common fund (In 12:1-8).
There are five pillars of Islam, namely the profession of faith (Shahadah), ritual prayer (Salah), fasting (Sawm), alms-giving (Zakah), and pilgrimage to Makkah (Hajj).
So their alms-giving was, to anybody familiar with the many mistakes made by well-meaning Westerners in post-colonial Africa, yet another example of a triumph of naive hope over hard experience.
They are as follows: Shahadah (declaration of faith), Salah (formal worship), Zakah (mandatory alms-giving tax), Sawm (fasting during Ramadan), and Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah [Mecca]).
Among her concerns are whether the relationship between Travellers and settled people were antagonistic or tolerant at different times, what forces shaped that relationship during the period, and whether the presence of the wandering beggar or boccough was important for attitudes towards mobility and alms-giving.
Even alms-giving is directed toward jihad, which is obligatory for Muslims, who are told by the Quran that "fighting is prescribed for you" (another translation says "warfare is ordained for you").
4) would be difficult to realize in the case of the chapters by Findly and Patton, who instead offer thought-provoking analyses of how women's roles and functions are represented in the texts, and of the underlying logic that shapes the framework within which alms-giving or miscarriage are managed, focussing as much or more on the behaviors of the male mendicant or ritualist than on those of the female figure.
If the passage were simply and solely meant to signify generosity in alms-giving, a preposition such as 'of' in place of 'for' might make more sense, that is, 'ministre of fredam of almesse'.