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But nonetheless, Kowalski's very presence, albeit in the form of a God-like apparition, is itself a relief from her relentless aloneness.
Expanding the notion of aloneness beyond the literal and geographic, the authors consider the portrayal of characters who are 'isolated' in multiple ways: as a result of ethnic, sexual or gender differences, or by choice and temperament, or by social dictate and compulsion.
But the Old Man never lost his dignity, and when the rains shut me off from the world outside, I lingered with the Old Man in creative aloneness.
Loneliness will give way to aloneness, which you will begin, after the first empty pauses, learn to fill with books, music, studies, travels, hikes, movies, laughter and a deep sense of self-assurance.
Using qualitative analysis of data gathered from five student focus groups, themes related to the affective domain in online learning were identified: aloneness, anonymity, nonverbal communication, trepidations, and unknowns.
An intricately structured, imaginative, epistemological, and wildly eventful tale of illusion and longing, Luminarium fizzes with ideas, social concerns and metaphoric splendor in its exploration of doubling--in the twin towers, the two halves of the brain, mind and body, fact and belief, good and evil, life and death, aloneness and communion.
Fie is at home with phantoms; aloneness is his longtime friend.
As emotional intimacy develops, you're no longer connected to your partner," the New York Daily News quoted Lauren Mackler, relationship expert and author of 'Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness and Tranform Your life.
First, experience teaches me that all the suicides I have studied have been committed in aloneness.
We all look at loneliness as being something unbearable, as most of don't like it, but it's not impossible to imagine some people like it, and see it as aloneness, and preferable to being in a loving relationship.
They say that on the road back to your ancient home, Aloneness becomes Oneness with the real Thou.
A man who loves his aloneness is happy with himself and is capable of love.