along the river banks

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Often they rot in such quantities along the river banks as to taint the atmosphere.
The creature fell heavily on the ground, and out of its side sprang a little hare, which ran like the wind along the river bank.
Beyond this mere look of things there was little for Brown's freshening fancy to feed on; he saw no human beings, except some gipsies trailing along the river bank, with faggots and osiers cut in the forest; and one sight no longer unconventional, but in such remote parts still uncommon: a dark-haired lady, bare-headed, and paddling her own canoe.
The only foes he had seen were some pickets along the river bank.
Investors in the hospitality sector can build hotels and resorts along the river banks and create scenic atmosphere that will attract tourists from all over," he said.
According to Northern Samar board member Maritess Gillamac, who hails from Silvino Lobos, most of the barangays in her town were submerged in flood water since these are mostly located in low lying areas along the river banks.
The project aimed at collecting correct data about human population living along the river banks in Punjab, number of cattle heads and infrastructure like houses, farms, number of cattle heads, factories or any other structure, official sources said on Wednesday.
The flow builds on recently completed works, including 26 fixed snag piles in Pyramid Creek, fencing, weed control and revegetation improvements along the river banks.
The Connswater Industrial Heritage Trail is a collaboration between Connswater Community Greenway Trust and The Very Local History Group and highlights the industries that once flourished along the river banks.
He urged Paris visitors and residents to "take care to observe safety precautions" since many have been walking along the river banks to observe the rare phenomena.
The DMC on Thursday warned that water levels of the Kelani River was also rising and people residing along the river banks had been evacuated.
They also asked people living along the river banks and low-lying areas to shift to safer places.