along the river banks

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The creature fell heavily on the ground, and out of its side sprang a little hare, which ran like the wind along the river bank.
Beyond this mere look of things there was little for Brown's freshening fancy to feed on; he saw no human beings, except some gipsies trailing along the river bank, with faggots and osiers cut in the forest; and one sight no longer unconventional, but in such remote parts still uncommon: a dark-haired lady, bare-headed, and paddling her own canoe.
The only foes he had seen were some pickets along the river bank.
They were working to eradicate the highly destructive Japanese knotweed along the river banks as part of their work with the Yorkshire Invasive Species Forum.
Contract Award Notice: A Flood Protection Scheme is proposed to be constructed along the River Banks of the River Carron in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.
Although the footpath and surrounding area is fairly secluded, there may have been dog walkers, joggers or people fishing along the river banks who may have seen something.
My understanding is Bill had been along the river banks that morning.
The local administrations of both the places said that there are some Hindu castes in which unmarried people are buried along the river banks instead of being cremated.
We have collaborated with the Lebanese Army, the Arnoun municipality and a number of environmental organizations to plant hundreds of trees, such as carob, along the river banks," he said.
He said they also worked with a mountain rescue team to carry out a field search along the river banks and near Caerleon Bridge.
He added that the attacking group consists of an armed gang of more than 30 gunmen, who have terrorized and assaulted innocent women, children and men who were spending their usual picnic along the river banks.
This has resulted in floods, submerging houses in several villages located along the river banks and displacing 30,000 residents.