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Meantime the galley, which was very skilfully handled, had crossed us, let us come up with her, and fallen alongside.
A respectable hill of case goods, water-kegs, and personal dunnage was piled on the deck alongside.
The starboard boat, fended off by sailors, rose and fell in the water alongside while the remainder of the dunnage and provisions showered into her.
Scraps, the big Newfoundland puppy, who had played and pranced about through all the excitement, seeing so many of the Mary Turner's humans in the boat alongside, sprang over the rail, low and close to the water, and landed sprawling on the mass of sea- bags and goods cases.
Lerumie lifted his right hand in signal to a woman in a canoe alongside.
By this time the salmon boat had collected its twelve prisoners and came alongside, badly overloaded.
I could see him casting longing glances at the small skiff towing astern, so in the next calm I hauled the skiff alongside.
With the last remnant of his strength he managed to stagger along behind till the train made another stop, when he floundered past the sleds to his own, where he stood alongside Sol-leks.
Dan peered down into the water alongside, and flourished the big "muckle," ready for all chances.
Tom Platt, of course, could not keep his oar out of the business, but ranged alongside with enormous and unnecessary descriptions of sails and spars on the old Ohio.
And sure enough, when the forty casks of wine containing forty gallons each were brought alongside of the ship, they disappeared down the thirsty comrade's throat in no time; and when they were empty he remarked:
I had stared at the unfamiliar grouping of its letters, blue on white ground, on the advertisement-boards, whenever the train came to a standstill alongside one of the shabby, wooden, wharf-like platforms of the dock railway-line.