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I was, very calmly and aloofly, manipulating, in some way I did not understand, some outside power, one that enabled me to find what I needed.
Indeed, of what use are abstractly-worded systematic studies that gather dust aloofly on the shelf?
Deaton aloofly dismisses Wardlaw as ``a good friend of the mayor.
Singleton in a Mylar minidress and sporting her lotus tattoo danced aloofly among us, staring off into the distance as Compton swooped in for a close-up.
I left the library reacquainted with Arnold's view that criticism matters since it aims to understand, aloofly, the "best that has been thought and said" I fortified myself with his notion of culture, with "high seriousness," with poetry as "Criticism of life," and with "sweetness and light.
The grounds stretch out almost beyond the ability of the eye to comprehend as terrace leads to gardens to terrace to gardens and so on until one reaches the private lake, where snow-white swans serenely swim, aloofly ignoring the tourists who have rented boats and invaded their territory.
Highly-desirable flats look aloofly across the lane at the mundane sub-post office and village store which has danced with death.